You will soon be able to make Microsoft Edge faster by disabling unwanted features

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There are very few web browsers that are not accused of being slow and bloated at some stage, and Microsoft Edge is no different.

Looking to give users more control, Microsoft is looking at ways to give people a more personalized and faster browsing experience. The company's solution is, perhaps, an obvious one -- introducing the option to disable unwanted features to remove unnecessary bloat and speed things up.

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This is something that is currently undergoing testing with a proportion of users running the recent builds of Microsoft Edge Canary. Apparently undergoing A/B testing, some user who are signed up for the Canary channel have access to a new Optional Feature section in Settings.

As noted by Neowin, the new ability to disable unwanted browser features can be found at Settings > Optional Features , or by visiting edge://settings/optionalFeatures.

Under the heading "Choose your own features with Microsoft Edge", Microsoft explains:

Microsoft Edge now lets you turn off optional browser features so as to make it the fastest browsing experience for you. Features that are turned off are still available to you but will require a small download to enable.

Microsoft has faced criticism recently for bloating out its Chromium-based browser with features that are deemed by many as completely unnecessary. In taking the simple step of making such features optional, Microsoft gives users a choice -- and this is rarely a bad move.

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