Kodi 20.2 'Nexus' is available now -- here's what's new and why you should install it

Although The Kodi Foundation is hard at work developing the next version of its popular home theater software, Kodi 21 'Omega', it is ensuring that users of the current 'Nexus' generation don't get forgotten.

Today the team announces the release of Kodi 20.2 and although it doesn't come with any real new features, you'll still want to install it.

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This new release has a good assortment of bug fixes and backports. The release note highlights are:


  • An assortment of E-AC3 related fixes were backported.


  • A fix to the Music Viz screen has been made by @enen92 in an endeavor to chase that elusive target of perfection
  • Fixes to the seekbar timer when seeking.


  • A fix to a crash by memory exhaustion when some emulators are used.


  • A whole assortment of fixes were made to fix building Kodi with GCC13.

Platform Specific

  • Android
    • A fix for a crash that occurred when >100 jobs where scheduled for the Android TV recommendation channels.
    • For some old Android devices that had both MediaTek and Google decoders for some media, a preference to using the Google decoder was put in as the MediaTek decoders fail to play back audio in encrypted streams.
  • Linux
    • A PR was reverted that fixes some Linux setups to use the more generic library (GL) rather than the specific GLX library.
  • macOS/iOS
  • Windows
    • Fixes to HDR playback when windows was already in HDR mode.
    • A backported fix for a potential deadlock for Xbox users when using pixel shaders and SW decoding.



  • @garbear has backported a fix for setting Picture and Game info via infotags.
  • GameInfo has been added to the Player class to allow get/set GameInfoTag data.
  • A fix was backported that mainly affected Linux platforms: the path used when searching for modules was appending Kodi script paths at the end of the list, and therefore could potentially find system Python scripts/modules instead of Kodi-specific scripts/modules


You should be fine to install this straight over the top of your existing Kodi 20.x installation and it may install automatically anyway.

Android users may have to wait a while for the update to arrive as Team Kodi likes to perform a staged rollout.

The new build can be downloaded directly from here. Just choose the platform you require.

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