Elon Musk kills Twitter with huge X rebrand and relaunch

Twitter X logo projected onto building

In typically swift and spontaneous fashion, Elon Musk has effectively killed off Twitter after promising over the weekend to ditch the bird logo. The new X logo is in the process of rolling out, and X Corp CEO Linda Yaccarino says that "X will be the platform that can deliver, well….everything".

At the moment it is not clear whether the name X will be used to completely replace the Twitter moniker, but this is certainly what has been suggested. The logo that has been chosen is the same one that Musk hinted at on Sunday, and he tweeted a photo of the company headquarters with a large X projected onto the side.

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The X branding is part of Musk's longterm vision for X.com. He is looking to create a super app, or everything platform much like China's WeChat, embracing messaging, banking and more. The @Twitter account already features the new X logo, and its account name has been changed to X. the x.com domain already points to Twitter.com.

Sharing the logo, Musk tweeted:

Yaccarino shared news of the company's vision for the future and plans to "transform the global town square":

Musk has caused endless ripples and courted controversy since purchasing Twitter, and his plans for X Corp are no less controversial. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey shared his thoughts on the changes in a handful of tweets:

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