Debian-based antiX-23 (Arditi del Popolo) is the Systemd-free Linux experience of your dreams

If you're one to favor choice, versatility, and independence from the systemd behemoth, then you're in for a treat. Say hello to antiX-23 (Arditi del Popolo), a new release based on Debian Bookworm that stands as a powerful testament to the open-source community's flexibility.

With its myriad flavors and options, this Linux distro invites you to experience computing on your own terms. The new release adds some in-house spices like zzzFM/IceWM as the default desktop and the IceWM Control Centre. Plus, the Onboard virtual keyboard and magnus screen magnifier are now standard.

True to the antiX tradition, the latest release offers four unique, systemd-free, and elogind-free variants for both 32 and 64-bit architectures, available as ISO files for sysVinit or runit:

  • antiX-full: The heavyweight with 4 window managers (IceWM as default) and a full LibreOffice suite.
  • antiX-base: A more streamlined version but still offering four window managers.
  • antiX-core: A no-frills variant with no X but good wireless support.
  • antiX-net: The leanest option, wired and ready for building from scratch.

Whether you're opting for the full edition or the base, you'll get a customized 5.10.188 kernel for legacy systems and an exclusive 6.1.42 kernel for 64-bit full editions. Your browser choices range from Firefox ESR to Seamonkey, and LibreOffice 7.5.5-4 comes standard in full editions.

File managers like zzzFM and rox-filer make organizing your files a breeze, while winff and asunder handle your audio and video conversion. A multitude of general tools like bootrepair, Package Installer, and Network Assistant give you full control over your system.

What truly sets antiX-23 apart is its commitment to purity and user choice. It offers a computing experience devoid of snaps and flatpaks, allowing users to enjoy a system without systemd or elogind dependencies. For those who prefer working with the command line, the distro comes packed with a selection of CLI apps such as nano and vim-tiny for editing and mocp and pmrp for media playback.

Additionally, antiX-23 also includes unique in-house applications like 1-to-1-voice-antix for encrypted voice chat and ssh-conduit for secure remote connections, making it a comprehensive package for both newbies and Linux veterans alike.

So go ahead, give antiX-23 a spin, and experience Linux the way it's meant to be. You can download the operating system here now.

Photo credit: Pavel Kapysh / Shutterstock

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