Microsoft looks likely to bring AI assistant Copilot to Windows 10


Windows Copilot has been available to users of Windows 11 for a little while now, as Microsoft continues its march into the world of artificial intelligence. Now it seems that the company is looking bring the AI-powered assistant to Windows 10 as well.

This is, in some regards, a little surprising -- particularly given the age of Windows 10. But there are still over a billion Windows 10 users out there, so it makes a lot of sense for Microsoft to tap into this to extend the userbase for Copilot.

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Windows 10 is due to reach the end of support in under two years: October 2025. Although it has been assumed that Microsoft was simply going to be offering security updates and bug fixes until this time, the company has already shown that it is not completely opposed to bringing new features to the operating system as well -- with the Windows Backup app being a good example.

So a precedent has been set, and this adds some weight to news shared by Windows Central where Zac Bowden cites unnamed sources as saying Windows 11's Copilot will indeed be added to Windows 10.

It is said that Copilot in Windows 10 will take the same form as in Windows 11, with the AI assistant being accessed through a taskbar button. As well as being of great benefit to Windows 10 users, the significantly larger number of users compared to Windows 11 means that the move would also be hugely advantageous to Microsoft.

Not only would expansion to Windows 10 mean that the company would be able to gather data from a larger pool of users, but it will also help to make Copilot a more attractive project for developers. This is important following Microsoft's promise that third-party add-ons would be available in future.

It is looking like Windows 10 is not dead. There's life in the old dog yet, and Microsoft may continue to bring more new features to the dedicated user base.

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