SABRENT launches 5-Bay USB-C Docking Station for 2.5-inch SATA HDDs and SSDs with integrated cooling fan (DS-5R15)

If you're in the market to expand your storage without the headache of fiddling with internal SATA ports, the SABRENT 5-Bay USB-C Docking Station (DS-5R15) might just be your ticket to a hassle-free upgrade. This sleek device is all about flexibility and ease, allowing you to stack up to five 2.5-inch SATA HDDs or SSDs -- each up to a towering 15mm in height -- into your tech arsenal.

The true beauty of the DS-5R15 lies in its simplicity: tool-free, hot-swappable, and plug-and-play. That's right, no more screwdrivers, no more shutting down to add or swap out drives. It's as easy as a USB-C connection, with the added bonus of a robust 10Gbps transfer speed courtesy of USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 technology. And don't fret over power; this docking station comes with a 12V/3A external power supply to ensure fast, stable and reliable data transfers.

Piling up drives can turn up the heat, but the DS-5R15 is equipped with a built-in 80mm fan to keep things chill. And if silence is golden in your workspace, just flick the switch and the fan goes stealth mode. A series of LEDs will keep you informed about each drive bay, the docking station, and even the fan status.

Priced at $149.99 on Amazon here, this docking station is for Windows, macOS, and Linux users alike. Whether it's for lightning-fast backups, mammoth file transfers, or just a simple storage boost, the SABRENT 5-Bay Dock is ready for it.

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