Google launches FIDO2 compatible security key

Today sees the launch of Google's new Titan Security Key which can be used as a second authentication factor and also to store your passkeys.

Unlike the earlier FIDO1 key, Titan will also work with all other FIDO-enabled services (such as Microsoft accounts). You can also store credentials for up to 250 accounts on this key, compared to current keys which can typically only store around 25.

It uses a purpose-built secure element chip made specifically for high assurance security products. The Titan comes in USB-A or USB-C versions and has NFC capability for use with mobile devices. It will work on computers running Windows 10 build 1903 or above, Chrome version 67 or above, and Safari 14 or above (or any browser surrorting W3C Web Authentication). Through NFC it will work with Android 9 or above and iOS 13.3 or above.

Setting the device up is simple, you go to Passkeys in your Google Account, from there click 'Create a passkey' and pick 'Use another device'. You’ll be prompted to plug in the key and touch the pad on the front, then you're good to go. It's a good idea to have another 2FA method -- like the Authenticator app -- enabled too just in case you don't have your key handy.

Once set up it allows passwordless sign in. Provided you're on a trusted device you don't need to have it connected all the time, just when you need to set up a new account or access from another device.

In the run up to next year's US elections Google will be distributing keys to 100,000 journalists and political professionals who are deemed at high risk of account compromise.

You can read more on the Google blog or visit the Titan Security Key product page for features and documentation. The key is available from today via the Google Store in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. It costs $25 (£30 UK) including delivery.

Image credit: Google

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