Kick Microsoft Windows 11 to the curb and switch to 4MLinux 44.0 today

4MLinux 44.0 series has just marked a significant milestone by achieving stable status. This new release packs a powerful suite of applications and functionalities, aiming to enhance both productivity and entertainment for its users.

At the core of document editing and office tasks, 4MLinux 44.0 offers LibreOffice 7.6.3 and GNOME Office, including AbiWord 3.0.5, GIMP 2.10.34, and Gnumeric 1.12.55. These applications provide a comprehensive and efficient environment for handling a wide range of document formats and creative tasks.

Internet browsing is more versatile than ever with the inclusion of Firefox 119.0.1 and Chrome 119.0.6045.123. For email communications, Thunderbird 115.4.2 is onboard, delivering a robust and user-friendly email experience. Improved support for SPL printing and wireless networking signifies 4MLinux’s commitment to staying current with user needs and hardware compatibility.

Multimedia needs are comprehensively covered. Audacious 4.3.1 is there to manage and play your music collection, while video enthusiasts can enjoy content with VLC 3.0.20 and SMPlayer 23.6.0. These applications ensure a high-quality multimedia experience, catering to a wide range of audio and video formats.

For gaming aficionados, 4MLinux 44.0 comes equipped with Mesa 23.1.4 and Wine 8.19, enhancing the Linux gaming experience by supporting a broad spectrum of games, including those initially designed for Windows.

The 4MLinux LAMP Server is also a notable inclusion, featuring Linux 6.1.60, Apache 2.4.58, MariaDB 10.6.16, and multiple versions of PHP. This robust server stack is ideal for developers and IT professionals looking to deploy web applications efficiently.

Programming and scripting are well-supported with the availability of Perl 5.36.0, Python 2.7.18, Python 3.11.4, and Ruby 3.2.2. These languages provide a flexible and powerful toolkit for developers of all skill levels.

New features in this release include system-wide support for Video Acceleration API (VA-API) through Mesa3D drivers, enhancing video playback and reducing CPU usage. Additionally, new downloadable extensions like QMMP (audio player), Media Player Classic QT (video player), and Capitan Sevilla (platform video game) are now available, expanding the entertainment options.

Ready to try this operating system out for yourself? You can download a 4MLinux 44.0 ISO here now. And if you do install the distribution, be sure to share your opinions on it in the comment section below!

Image Credit: Kletr / Shutterstock

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