Meta introduces Horizon OS

In what appears to be a response to Apple's recent success with the Vision Pro, Meta has unveiled its own open computing initiative with the introduction of Meta Horizon OS. This new mixed reality operating system is part of Meta's strategy to recover ground in the rapidly evolving metaverse sector, where Apple has set a high standard.

Meta Horizon OS will be the backbone for a series of new devices from major tech players like ASUS, Lenovo, and Xbox. These collaborations seem to be Meta's attempt to broaden its ecosystem and challenge Apple's dominance. ASUS's Republic of Gamers, for instance, will develop a performance gaming headset, tapping into the gaming market where Apple's presence is less pronounced. Lenovo is poised to leverage its past collaboration on Oculus Rift S and its hardware prowess to create mixed reality devices aimed at productivity and entertainment, sectors where Apple's Vision Pro has made significant inroads.

Additionally, the partnership with Xbox to develop a limited-edition Meta Quest headset suggests a strategy to entice gamers—an audience that Apple's Vision Pro has targeted just a bit. By broadening its hardware ecosystem, Meta aims to provide diverse and specialized computing solutions that could appeal to a wider audience than Apple's more unified product line.

Meta is also enhancing its developer engagement by streamlining the process for app submission and discovery through the Meta Horizon Store and App Lab. This move could be seen as an attempt to create a more developer-friendly platform compared to Apple's more controlled ecosystem.

Collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies underscores Meta's commitment to integrating advanced technology to support its mixed reality ambitions and counter Apple's custom silicon advantage. Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors, which are central to Meta's devices, aim to match the performance benchmarks Apple has established with its own chips.

By opening up Meta Horizon OS to third-party hardware makers, Meta is signaling a shift towards a more inclusive and expansive platform strategy. This could be crucial in Meta's quest to regain the initiative in the competitive landscape shaped significantly by Apple's Vision Pro, portraying a narrative of adaptation and resilience in the face of stiff competition.

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