95 percent of organizations suffer cloud breaches

New research from Tenable reveals that 95 percent of 600 organizations surveyed suffered a cloud-related breach in the previous 18 months.

An additional 29 percent reported the breach caused 'significant' harm, which is defined as any adverse consequences to someone or an organization if the confidentiality of PII were breached.

Of the organizations that had cloud-related breaches, 99 percent cite identities and permissions risk as the cause. Among security risks to their cloud infrastructure, respondents ranked insecure human/service identities and risky permissions (39 percent) as the top issue.

Key challenges to securing identities and permissions included lack of visibility (53 percent) and developer/DevOps fear that 'security will break something' (43 percent).

The study shows a cloud skills shortage too, with insufficient expertise in cloud infrastructure security plaguing many organizations and contributing to cloud-related breaches. An overwhelming 95 percent are affected by a lack of expertise in cloud infrastructure protection and two-thirds of respondents believe this lack of expertise puts their organization at risk.

Senior product marketing manager at Tenable, Diane Benjuya, writes on the company's blog, "Given that in the cloud world breaches seem unavoidable, it makes sense that cloud security platforms seek to not just flag vulnerable points of entry but also minimize a hacker’s ability to do harm once in. We were therefore curious about what cloud security professionals perceive as their greatest source of risk -- workload vulnerabilities, ransomware attacks, third party access? Here, perception aligned with the most recent industry understanding: Respondents cited insecure cloud identities and misconfigurations as their leading security risks -- and 99 percent of organizations that experienced cloud-related breaches placed the blame on insecure identities as the leading cause."

You can read more and get the full report on the Tenable blog.

Image credit: VitalikRadko/depositphotos.com

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