Opera goes native for Windows on Arm

Opera has announced the release of an Arm-optimized version of its web browser, supported by Microsoft's App Assure team and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. This new build is designed for Arm-based Windows systems, delivering over twice the speed compared to previous versions. The timing of this release aligns with the anticipated arrival of products powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite Platform.

The Arm-optimized version of Opera is expected to deliver exceptional performance on the fastest machines available, thanks to the efficiency of Arm architecture. Snapdragon-powered devices are known for better battery life, which results from the power-efficient design of these processors. The reduced instruction set (RISC) architecture is optimized for streamlined performance, offering longer battery life and cooler operating temperatures.

Initially, the Snapdragon-optimized Opera browser will be available on the developer stream, allowing early adopters to test it on new Windows devices with Arm-based processors. Users with Snapdragon-powered machines can download the developer stream to experience the enhanced browsing performance.

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