Privacy-focused mobile operating system /e/OS rolls out new version

If you have an Android phone you'll no doubt be aware of the risk that unwanted trackers can access your data while you're using third-party apps or browsing the web.

If you're worried about being tracked though there is an alternative in the form of /e/OS which has a focus on privacy and can be can be flashed on numerous Android devices to replace Google's ubiquitous OS. Today sees the release of V2 of /e/OS which offers further privacy controls, tools and improved user interface.

The built-in Advanced Privacy feature's design is now more understandable and quantifiable for the user. The Advanced Privacy widget offers real-time information about the amount of data leak attempts made by installed third-party apps subsequently blocked by /e/OS's Advanced Privacy.

With /e/OS V2 users get the highest number of compatible apps available in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) world, along with Play services and safetynet pass compatibility. The App Lounge pulls apps from: Play Store, F-droid apps, Progressive web apps.

There's an enhanced Camera application too which offers automatic QR code recognition without the need to install an additional app.

"Introducing /e/OS V1 was a significant achievement, making /e/OS available so that anyone can have access to a privacy-focused alternative to Google. But now, with /e/OS V2, we're taking another step forward in the maturity of our operating system," says Gaël Duval, founder of /e/OS and Murena.

Existing /e/OS users should find the V2 update available for download within the system updates section of their /e/OS settings within a few days. If you're new to /e/OS you can find full instructions for downloading and installing, as well as a list of compatible devices, here. If you'd rather have a phone with the OS pre-installed they're available to buy from the Murena site.

Image credit: Murena

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