Winamp goes open source

Winamp, the iconic music player that defined a generation, is opening its source code, inviting developers worldwide to contribute to its evolution. This could mean a new era for the beloved software, fostering global collaboration to enhance and innovate its features.

On September 24, 2024, Winamp's source code will become available to developers globally. This move will enable the entire community to participate in its development, allowing experts and enthusiasts to bring their ideas and passion to the table. By opening its code, Winamp aims to build on its rich legacy, transforming from a simple music player into a digital culture icon.

"This is a decision that will delight millions of users around the world. Our focus will be on new mobile players and other platforms. We will be releasing a new mobile player at the beginning of July. Still, we don't want to forget the tens of millions of users who use the software on Windows and will benefit from thousands of developers' experience and creativity. Winamp will remain the owner of the software and will decide on the innovations made in the official version," explained Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of Winamp.

For developers eager to participate in this groundbreaking project, Winamp has set up a registration page at This new chapter should hopefully rejuvenate Winamp, ensuring it remains a cornerstone of digital music culture for years to come.

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