Microsoft is making it possible to access your smartphone from File Explorer in Windows 11

Windows 11 on laptop and mobile

The way Windows 11 interacts with mobile devices -- and, in turn, the way it lets users interact with them -- has been a little odd for some time. The Your Phone / Phone Link app showed that using Windows to use or browse your smartphone was really something of an afterthought for Microsoft.

Continuing the piecemeal approach to mobiles, it looks as though the company is finally about to give File Explorer the ability to browse smartphone contents. The option has been unearthed in Windows 11, although we don't yet know when it will be released properly.

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The new comes from, once again, PhantomOfEarth, with the regular discoverer of hidden software secrets posting on X to say: "Looks like the Cross Device Experience Host will let you make your device show up in File Explorer in a future update, a toggle for this has been hidden in the app for some time".

A further post shows the "All files access permission request" message Windows 11 will display to users to enable them to configure access:

A few things are not clear as yet, starting off with just when beta testers will get their hands on the feature -- never mind when it may be more widely available. There is also the question of what sort of connection is supported by the feature; is it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB? What sort of transfer speeds can we expect? Will there be more features?

Time, as ever, will reveal all.

Image credit: Sai

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