Alogic introduces new products at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas

Alogic is set to showcase six new products at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas, focusing on enhancing end-user computing and smart connectivity.The lineup features a range of ultrawide and touch-enabled monitors, aimed at improving professional and creative workflows.

Ritesh Kumar, CEO of Alogic, commented on the company’s strategy: “In line with our ambitious growth and expansion strategies, we are dedicated to continually advancing the frontier of innovation in connectivity solutions.”

Clarity 5K Touch 27" UHD Monitor

Among the new releases is the Clarity 5K Touch, a 27-inch UHD monitor that offers 5K color accuracy combined with touch functionality, suitable for creative tasks. This model extends the features of the existing Clarity series, emphasizing improved visual accuracy and color precision.

Edge 34" & 40” Ultrawide QHD Monitors

The Edge series introduces 34" and 40" ultrawide QHD monitors with a 3440x1440 resolution. These monitors are equipped with a built-in USB-C Dock that includes Ethernet and 65W PD, support PIP-PBP functionality, and are made from 80% recycled aluminum, targeting enhanced visual experience and multitasking.

Horizon 34" Ultrawide QHD Touchscreen

The Horizon 34" Ultrawide QHD Touchscreen offers a 3440x1440 resolution with 10-point multitouch functionality and stylus support. It features a 165 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, catering to both creative and gaming needs. It also supports AMD FreeSync and is compatible with Alogic Clarity touch software.

Xtend 15.6” & Xpand 17” Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitors

The portable Xtend and Xpand 4K Touchscreen Monitors are designed for mobility, offering high color accuracy and easy connectivity through USB-C or Mini HDMI, ideal for artists and professionals who need a dual-monitor setup while traveling.

Slate 28" Double Vertical QHD Monitor

The Slate 28" Double Vertical QHD Monitor features a unique 16:18 aspect ratio, effectively stacking two QHD screens vertically. This design is optimized for applications requiring vertical screen orientation and multitasking.

UNITE Wireless Presentation System

The UNITE Wireless Presentation System facilitates screen sharing in collaborative settings, supporting up to 16 users and compatible with a variety of devices. This system is designed for use in meeting rooms and classrooms.

These products will be available from August 2024, with opportunities for hands-on demonstrations at Alogic’s booth at the convention. Attendees of InfoComm 2024 can visit Alogic at booth C6234 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from June 12 – 14.

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