ViewSonic unveils CDE92UW ultra-wide 92-inch 5K commercial display

ViewSonic has introduced the ultra-wide 92-inch CDE92UW commercial display. With its native 5K resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio, and high brightness levels, the CDE92UW is designed to maximize messaging and communication capabilities, ensuring seamless 24/7 operation. This display is ideal for corporate, educational, and retail environments, offering a dynamic and immersive solution that enhances visual experiences.

The ViewSonic CDE92UW offers premium visual content delivery with deeper immersion and precision, featuring a 33 percent increase in screen real estate compared to traditional 16:9 displays. This additional space is perfect for the Front Row layout in Microsoft Teams Rooms, allowing for more engaging and productive meetings. The display is built for performance and simplicity, equipped with an Octa-core SoC and Android 13, which facilitate efficient multitasking. A USB-C one-cable solution supports 100W power delivery, simplifying connectivity with external devices.

Jeff Muto, Business Line Director at ViewSonic, said, “ViewSonic continues to deliver display solutions that boost productivity, enhance communication, and improve user experiences. With the CDE92UW, we’re offering a versatile commercial display that integrators can utilize for their customers in large venues. The display integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms, features integrated software for centralized management, and supports additional devices and accessories to meet diverse needs. The CDE92UW also fits into a standard cargo elevator, simplifying transportation.”

Designed for various installations, the CDE92UW can be used in both landscape and portrait modes. It features wireless screen casting and sharing through myViewBoard Display and vCast software. The integrated ViewSonic Manager allows for remote management, content updates, broadcasting, and software upgrades.

It has a 24/7 operation rating and 500 cd/m² brightness for consistent and reliable performance. The 25 percent high haze anti-glare treatment and uniform bezel provide comfortable viewing. The versatile installation options allow for customized setup in either landscape or portrait mode.

Wireless screen casting and sharing are facilitated via myViewBoard Display and vCast. The display integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms for efficient collaboration. Connectivity options include HDMI 2.0/2.1, DisplayPort, USB-C with 100W power delivery, RJ45, and RS232. Built-in ViewSonic Manager software enables easy remote management and upgrades.

The ViewSonic CDE92UW ultra-wide 92-inch commercial display will be available in July 2024. You can order it here now for $4,999, which is a massive $2,600 off the $7,599 MSRP.

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