Office workers not worried about losing out to AI

Although many people fear that artificial intelligence could put their jobs at risk, a new study from Jitterbit shows that many see AI as offering new skills and personal growth opportunities.

Based on a survey by Censuswide of 1,022 full-time office workers in the UK and US, the study looks at how workers really feel about AI and the findings reveal a positive views of working with AI technology in professional settings.

The report shows that 85 percent of office workers expect AI to improve their roles, dispelling fears of job displacement and embracing the potential for job augmentation and optimization. 96 percent of office workers believe AI can enhance their professional skills, reflecting broad acceptance and excitement about the technology.

In addition 61 percent of office workers say they are not concerned about AI replacing human jobs, indicating a growing understanding of AI as a tool that complements human efforts.

Bill Conner, president and CEO of Jitterbit, says, "Rather than being distracted by negative headlines, office workers see beyond the AI hype. This is an evolution, not a revolution. US and UK employees are identifying what AI should be used for; learning skills, automating processes, and outsourcing routine tasks to focus on more strategic efforts. AI is changing the world, and our research shows office workers are open to the true potential this incredible technology offers on a practical level."

AI is seen as a valuable educational resource by 88 percent of office workers, a figure which jumps to 98 percent for those aged 18-25. The top three skills office workers want to learn through AI are:

  • Analytical and statistical skills (36 percent)
  • Financial management skills (35 percent)
  • Coding and development (32 percent)

Other anticipated benefits of AI include, reducing time spent gathering information from work systems and applications (46 percent), increasing time for thoughtful work (33 percent), and providing more time for larger projects (33 percent).

Despite the overall optimism though some jobs are still seen as at risk. Roles perceived to be most suitable for AI replacement are customer support, 24 percent; coding, 19 percent; reception work, 17 percent; social influencers, 17 percent; and parking wardens/attendants, 15 percent. Those believed to be least likely replaced by AI included teachers (11 percent), journalists (11 percent), lawyers (10 percent) and CEOs (10 percent).

You can find out more on the Jitterbit site.

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