Kayla Matthews

How machine learning and AI are changing data center management

Data center environments must stay consistent regarding things like humidity and temperature. Otherwise, the costly equipment inside them could begin malfunctioning. Moreover, data center clients want assurances that the valuable information stored within a facility will be available whenever they need it, and maintaining consistency comes into play there, too.

Here are four ways machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are upending data center management.

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Preparing for the rise of AI in the workforce

Primary schools, universities, companies and even all the rest of us have a role to play in preparing for the rise of AI in the workforce. So what can we do to make sure people are still employable as AI starts becoming more common in business settings?

Let's take a look at the work ahead of us.

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This little piece of tech can turn your old alarm into a home automation system

When people decide to install home automation systems and also have security alarms they installed several years ago, it's highly likely the new tech and old gadgets won't be compatible.

Similarly, if they have a security system that doesn't work with a smartphone app, they typically have to invest in new hardware and deal with lengthy installations and high bills.

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The next industry to be drastically changed by AI: Oil and gas

Back in 2015, Shell launched an artificial intelligence-powered assistant for their lubricant service customers. Represented by digital avatars Emma and Ethan, the assistant assists customers with lubricant-related questions and concerns. It’s available around the clock, which means people can reach out at any time of the day or night and receive answers in seconds.

Shell claims that the assistant can handle over 100,000 data sheets for 3,000 products, and understands 16,500 physical characteristics of lubricants. The technology can also provide detailed information to customers about more than 18,500 pack sizes.

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