PlayOn makes cord-cutting even easier with Google TV

Since purchasing the Vizio Co-Star several months ago, I have become a fan of Google TV. I even considered using online services to "cut the cord". With my Amazon Prime subscription and network TV sites I will miss little. What stops me? The NFL and those networks. The league stubbornly refuses to move into the future, where other professional sports already reside, while many network websites block the Google device.

Today, PlayOn makes the barrier in front me even smaller. This is a huge move for MediaMall software. The company announces it brings full service to Google TV free of charge. It does so because of the slight that Google's living room solution has been shown by networks. "We’ve decided to make PlayOn completely free on Google TV. Why? Well, Hulu and the Networks have been discriminating against Google TV owners by not creating apps that enable folks to watch their content on Google TV", the company tells us.

PlayOn brings Hulu Plus (you still need a subscription), ABC, CBS, Fox, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and 50-plus more channels to the set-top box.

"Just go to and you can download PlayOn to your PC from there. No need to buy a license key -- the non-licensed software will just magically work on Google TVs. Then, from your Google TV, go into the Google Play Store and get the PlayOn app", the company explains.

You will first need to install the PlayOn server software to a computer on your network -- preferably one that is always on. Then visit the Google Play store to grab the brand new app.

I am now set. Sorry DirecTV, but we are breaking up. Perhaps we can get back together when Sunday Ticket time rolls around again. Or maybe the NFL will finally greet the 21st century.

Photo Credit:  holbox/Shutterstock

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