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Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.0 launched for Windows 10 users


The Windows Club has released Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.0 for Windows 10 users. The lightweight, portable freeware tool makes it easy to tweak various aspects of Windows that usually hidden away or require access to Registry editor or Group Policy Editor.

The new release sits alongside the previous versions, Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.1.2 for Windows 8/8/1 and Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.2, which requires Windows Vista or 7.

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Parallels Desktop 11 adds Windows 10 integration, extends Cortana to Mac desktop


Parallels IP Holdings GmbH has released Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac, a major new release of its market-leading virtualization tool.

The app, which allows users to run virtual versions of Windows, OS X and Linux in a virtual environment, adds full support for Windows 10 while readying itself for El Capitan’s imminent release. It also promises significant performance improvements.

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Corel Painter 16 gains sound-sensitive brushes, promises more realistic effects


Corel has unveiled Corel Painter 16 for Windows and Mac, a major new release of its acclaimed digital paint program for professionals.

The new build introduces new brushes -- including a selection that react to sound -- as well as paper and flow map rotation. Corel also claims Painter 2016 delivers a significant performance increase over previous builds.

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Firefox 40 unveils Windows 10-friendly design, tightens download protection


Mozilla has released Firefox 40 FINAL for desktop, with Firefox for Android 40.0 due to follow by the end of the week.

Version 40 provides added protection against potentially malicious downloads on both platforms, while desktop users enjoy a raft of new features, including a new Suggested Tiles feature and add-on management dialog.

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Opera 31 unveils redesigned Discover service, tweaks sync options


Opera Software has unveiled Opera 31 FINAL, a new stable release of its desktop browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

After the excitement of three major new features in version 30, Opera 31 is a bit of a damp squib. Only two relatively minor new features make their bow in this latest release: a redesigned Discover feature and improved sync capabilities.

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LibreOffice 5.0 unveils streamlined user interface, adds 64-bit Windows build


The Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 5.0 64-bit and LibreOffice 5.0 32-bit. This is a major new release that will form the cornerstone of future development on mobile platforms as well as the upcoming LibreOffice cloud version.

Version 5.0′s highlights include a brand new 64-bit Windows build to accompany existing Mac and Linux releases, plus compatibility with Windows 10, a user interface facelift, better interoperability with major office suites and a number of new features across its component parts, particularly Writer and Calc.

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AIDA64 5.30 supports Windows 10 and Intel Skylake, broadens benchmarks


Budapest-based FinalWire Ltd has released a major new version of its Windows diagnostic and benchmarking tool with the release of AIDA64 Extreme Edition 5.30.

The new release, also available as a portable build, introduces support for Intel’s forthcoming Skylake processor line while also promising advanced support for the RTM releases of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

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CCleaner strengthens Windows 10 compatibility


Piriform Software has released CCleaner 5.0.8 FINAL and CCleaner 5.0.8 Portable, the latest builds of its Windows cleaning tool.

The new build promises compatibility with the RTM build (10240) of Windows 10, and adds support for Microsoft Edge Browser Monitoring to the Professional version of the software. By adding Edge to the Browser Monitoring feature in CCleaner Pro, users can now automatically clean the browser whenever it’s closed (or be prompted to do so).

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Worried about upgrading to Windows 10? EaseUS System GoBack Free provides you with an escape route


EaseUS has released System GoBack Free 1.0, a tool aimed squarely at those about to upgrade to Windows 10.

The stakes are high for Microsoft’s new OS -- it’s a free update to many, but those who have reserved their upgrade may be getting twitchy ahead of the big day. System GoBack Free aims to soothe their nerves by offering an easy fallback option.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac 1.0 is a simple on-demand scan-and-remove tool


Security developer Malwarebytes has unveiled Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac 1.0, the company’s first Mac product.

The new app hasn’t been coded from scratch, but is a rebranded (and updated) version of AdwareMedic, which was acquired by Malwarebytes back in March.

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Firefox 39 introduces social network sharing of Hello conversations


Mozilla has unveiled the latest version of Firefox, 39.0 for Windows, OS X and Linux PCs, along with Firefox for Android 39.0.

The new desktop build adds a social invite tool for its Firefox Hello chat feature while implementing a number of improvements and security features for Mac OS X and Linux.

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O&O DiskImage Professional 10 promises faster file-based backup, adds support for Windows 10


O&O Software GMBH has unveiled a major new update of its Windows drive-imaging and backup tool with the release of O&O DiskImage Professional 10 64-bit. Also available for 32-bit versions of Windows, the new release adds support for the forthcoming Windows 10 release.

It also debuts a completely rewritten file backup engine, the ability to trigger multiple tasks with portable devices and support for integrating drivers into the program’s rescue boot medium.

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CCleaner 5.07 arrives -- allows users to manage Firefox Web Apps


Piriform has unveiled the latest monthly update to its Windows cleaning tool with the release of CCleaner 5.07 FINAL. The new release is also available as a portable build.

The headline new feature is the ability for users to manage their Web Apps in the Firefox web browser. This feature is accompanied by a number of new improvements, including better support for Windows 10 ahead of its official release.

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WinZip Mac Edition 4.0 gains support for iCloud and ZipShare sharing


Corel’s WinZip subsidiary has unveiled a major new release for the Mac edition of its renowned zip archiving tool. WinZip Mac Edition 4.0 focuses on improving its sharing tools, but also implements support for Retina displays.

The tool first updates its direct integration cloud tool to add support for Apple’s iCloud Drive as well as its own proprietary ZipShare service. This increases the number of supported tools to four, the other two being Google Drive and Dropbox.

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How to protect your LastPass account from hackers


So, the unthinkable has happened for millions of LastPass customers worldwide: LastPass’s servers have been hacked, and user data stolen. The good news -- if it could be said to be good -- is that your passwords are almost certainly safe… For now.

Doing nothing shouldn’t be seen as an option, so what can you do to ensure your LastPass account remains as tightly sealed as can be?

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