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SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016 improves performance and interoperability with Microsoft Office


SoftMaker Software has released SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016, a brand new version of its office suite for Windows and Linux that’s free for both personal and commercial use.

The new release comes with the promise of improved performance as well as better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents. It also includes a number of new features and tweaks, confined largely to the suite’s presentation and spreadsheet components.

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Vivaldi 1.0 arrives, promises uniquely customizable web browser for power users


Vivaldi Technologies has unveiled Vivaldi 1.0 FINAL, the first stable release of a web browser aimed squarely at those who want full control over their web browsing experience.

Vivaldi has been developed by a team led by Jon S von Tetzchner, co-founder of rival Opera, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Vivaldi’s moniker -- "Not for everybody, just for you" -- highlights its different approach to other major web browsers.

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MacClean promises to improve security and privacy as well as clean your Mac


iMobie has released MacClean 3.0.5, a brand new version of its freeware Mac cleanup tool. The app, which boasts a large number of cleaning tools, returns with a new security bolt-on and completely redesigned user interface.

Version 3.0.5’s major new feature is the implementation of new privacy and security tools, the latter based around the open-source ClamAV malware scanning engine.

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Evernote 6 Beta sees further user-interface revamp, existing features refined


Evernote has unveiled Evernote for Windows 6.0.2 Beta, an early release version of the next major update of its desktop client for Windows users. The new release sees another user interface revamp, plus focuses on refining existing tools rather than introducing major new features.

Version 6.0.2 opens with support for High DPI displays, and rolls out various improvements to the Assisted Search tool. This includes moving the Search bar to the top of the note list, providing more detailed descriptions of the search results and the extension of the tool to cover the user’s entire account, with options for expanding the search to include recently deleted notes as well as general refinements.

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Google Maps for iOS adds taxi services to route options


Less than a month after its last update, Google has rolled out Google Maps for iOS 4.17. The big news here is the addition of taxi services when comparing route options for six countries, including the US, UK and India.

Supported taxi services include Uber, plus 99Taxis (Brazil), Ola Cabs (India), Hailo (UK and Spain), mytaxi (Germany and Spain), and Gett (UK).

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CCleaner 5.16 FINAL tweaks browser cleaning tools


Piriform Software has released CCleaner 5.16 and CCleaner 5.16 Portable for Windows PCs. Once again, the latest release focuses on fine-tuning the program’s browser-cleaning tools, with tweaks for Opera, Chrome and Edge the major highlights.

CCleaner 5.16’s main feature is added support for cleaning Opera’s GPU and Application caches, while it also updates the management of Chrome Browser Plug-ins.

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LastPass Authenticator aims to make two-factor authentication simpler


LastPass has released LastPass Authenticator 1.0 for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. It’s aimed at LastPass users who want a simple and convenient way to add two-factor authentication to their major online accounts.

The app is TOTP-compliant, so works with the same services as the better known Google Authenticator app, but aims to carve a niche for itself with a unique proposition for end users.

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Opera 36 targets Microsoft Edge users and introduces major UI improvements


Opera Software has unveiled Opera 36 FINAL, a major new release of its desktop web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. The latest build firmly targets users of Windows 10, with Opera claiming that "surfing with this platform [Opera] can be much better than the one offered by its default browser, Microsoft Edge".

To that end, version 36 has redesigned its UI to more closely resemble modern apps found in the Microsoft Store, while Opera is keen to stress it’s better integrated native Windows 10 features than other rival browsers.

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Firefox 45 unveils improved Synced Tab features, but removes Tab Groups


Mozilla has unveiled Firefox 45 FINAL, its desktop browser for Mac, Linux and Windows. The new release focuses its changes on the browser’s use of tabs, and also becomes the base for the new Extended Support Release.

New features include instant tab sharing in Hello and a new Synced Tabs button, but one feature has been removed: Tab Groups.

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Google Maps for iOS adds detour function, 3D touch support


Google has extended its pit-stop feature -- the ability to find places to stop off on journeys -- to iPhone and iPad users with the release of Google Maps for iOS 4.16.

The ability to create diversions was first unveiled in Google Maps for Android back in October, and allows users to add pit stops to a planned route during journeys while in navigation mode.

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NetSpot 1.0 Wi-Fi analyzer and troubleshooting tool launches on Windows


Etwok LLC has launched NetSpot 1.0 on the Windows platform, joining the existing Mac tool. The initial release of the Windows version has been made free for both personal and commercial use, and contains a subset of the features found in the Mac build.

The tool is designed to help troubleshoot problematic Wi-Fi network connections by revealing overall reception strength, and includes a mapping tool to help identify 'dead' zones where reception is poor or non-existent.

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AirFoil 5.0 adds multiple Bluetooth speaker support, speaker groups


Rogue Amoeba has released Airfoil for Windows 5.0 and Airfoil for Mac 5.0, a major new version of its tool for streaming audio from computers to supported networked devices, including AirPlay hardware such as Apple TV and AirPort Express.

Version 5 adds support for Bluetooth devices, plus introduces a new free tool -- Airfoil Satellite -- that turns other PCs, Macs and iOS devices into clients for the main Airfoil tool.

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LibreOffice 5.1 reorganizes user interface, reduces start-up times


The Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 5.1 64-bit and LibreOffice 5.1 32-bit. It comes just under six months after version 5.0 debuted back in August yet unveils some major changes to the user interface as well as performance improvements.

LibreOffice 5.1 promises new and simplified application menus, faster start-up times and a number of application-specific improvements, including better slide transitions in Impress and a host of new features in Calc.

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PowerArchiver 2016 unveils major redesign and rebuild


ConeXware has released PowerArchiver 2016, a major new release of its trialware archiving tool for Windows. The new release is the first version of the program to be developed using IDE, a process that began over two years ago.

Version 2016 adds 4K resolution and touch-screen support, a major new user interface and the splitting of key features into separate, fully independent apps.

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Opera 35 improves download manager, adds new customisation section


Opera Software has unveiled Opera 35 FINAL, a major new release of its desktop web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

There are four new features of note in this release: first, a button for muting audio on specific tabs, followed by a refreshed downloads interface. There’s also the addition of a Basic section in Opera’s options page for faster access to key customization settings, plus a new advanced setting that allows users to search using a standalone Search bar.

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