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Do managers really know what's happening in their data centers? [Q&A]

Data center worker

A new survey from Intel Data Center Manager and Dell reveals that around half of IT managers don't really know what's happening in their data centers.

It also finds that only 53 percent of IT managers use DCIM systems, which provide critical info about power and thermal usage, despite the fact that 44 percent experience power issues and 37 percent cooling issues in their data centers on a weekly basis.

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Streamlining home network security [Q&A]

F-Secure SENSE

Whilst businesses can call on expert resources to secure their systems, for many home users protecting a home network and the devices attached to it can be something of a dark art.

Finnish security company F-Secure is aiming to make securing systems simple even for the non-technical with its forthcoming SENSE product. We spoke to Mika Majapuro, F-Secure's director of product management, to find about more.

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Why peer to peer lending is a disruptive industry [Q&A]

cloud money cash cloud hands

In the last ten years, peer-to-peer lending has grown to be a serious disruptive influence in the financial services landscape.

Jaidev Janardana, CEO of Zopa, the world’s first and UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform, discusses why the industry has proved so disruptive and what the future holds.

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How B2B eCommerce is evolving in the cloud [Q&A]

eCommerce global

Modern IT architectures have opened commercial off-the-shelf software categories to new forms of innovation. But still, most B2B eCommerce solutions have yet to evolve. The result is that many firms are left with outdated, in-house infrastructures or bulky SaaS tools that hamper operations, leave customers unsatisfied and can’t keep up at the speed businesses demand. Developers today who work with B2B eCommerce tools gravitate toward cloud-based platforms that are more comprehensive, agile and customizable. This allows for the creation of services and workflows that meet their unique needs.

I spoke with Steve Davis, chief technology officer at Four51, which powers B2B eCommerce for over 10,000 businesses and nearly 20 million users, about what B2B eCommerce solutions should entail and what developers’ priorities are -- or should be -- when building a modern day eCommerce site.

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Managing risk in the digital supply chain [Q&A]

Mobile device management

You may be aware of risks and problems in your own business, but increasingly it's possible to be exposed to issues by other organizations that you deal with, particularly if you're buying in IT services.

How can enterprises deal with these threats and ensure that their data and that of their customers is kept safe at all stages of the supply chain? We spoke to Dean Coleman, head of service delivery at service management and support specialist Sunrise Software, to find out.

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The future of enterprise storage [Q&A]

Cloud storage

Storage has undergone some major changes in recent years. The growth of cloud usage, the Internet of Things and the exploitation of big data have all meant increased demand and a shift towards different solutions. But how has this affected the storage industry and and what further changes can we expect to see?

We spoke to Mark Lewis, Chairman and CEO of storage specialist Formation Data Systems to get his view on how the industry is evolving.

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The challenge of managing the cloud in the enterprise [Q&A]

social cloud business enterprise hand

It's an increasingly rare business today that has all of its IT on its own premises. The cloud has led to many systems being moved off site and also contributed to the growth of shadow systems.

How can business manage these challenges and make sure that they're not putting their information at risk? We spoke to John Purrier, cloud visionary and CTO of business automation company Automic Software to find out.

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2016 IT trends -- Keeping your finger on the pulse of what's next [Q&A]


A new year means a fresh start, and IT professionals will be looking at how the traditional enterprise can re-evaluate and re-discover itself to take on new relevance.

We’ll see recurring themes -- like cloud, 3D printing, data security, and the Internet of Things -- continuing to remain relevant in 2016. At the same time, these things will continue to blur the lines between enterprises and individual computing, shaping them into intertwined eco-systems. New trends will also emerge and shape the way enterprises operate, how they’re managed and where they’re headed. BetaNews talked with Xchanging’s Global Head of Technology and Innovation, Mani Gopalaratnam, about the trends every IT professional should have on their radar for 2016. Here’s what he had to say:

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Managing mobile apps in large enterprises [Q&A]

mobile cloud enterprise

More and more businesses are rushing to embrace mobile apps, but in large companies where hundreds of apps need to be rolled out this can present major headaches for administrators.

We spoke to Chris Isbrecht of IBM Security's MaaS360 team to find out about some of the challenges of scaling mobile to large enterprises, as well as how they can be addressed.

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Removing the IT roadblock to selecting business technology [Q&A]

Business database server

Choosing software and cloud solutions for business is a difficult task and getting it wrong can have serious consequences. We've all heard horror stories about money being wasted on systems that either don't deliver or are left unused.

So, how can organizations make better decisions on systems purchases? We spoke to Venkat Devraj, CEO of technology selection specialist, SelectHub, to find out.

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Understanding the basics of quantum computing [Q&A]

A quantum leap into the future of computing

Computers have been growing more and more powerful for some time now and, as processors become faster and memory more plentiful, we’re reaching the limits of current technology.

Quantum computers are the next step in this evolution and more and more companies are investing in this area. Intel recently announced it will be putting over £30 million towards the technology and just this week Google boasted that its quantum computer is 100 million times faster than a regular PC. For a deeper insight into this growing area, we spoke to Mike Mayberry, corporate vice president and managing director of Intel Labs. The full interview can be found below.

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Addressing new challenges in enterprise mobile management [Q&A]

mobile cloud enterprise

Although many enterprises are keen to deploy mobile apps for their workforce and to support BYOD and extended working, they've often been held back by traditional app distribution options. Historically this has required IT organizations to bring devices under management -- for corporate owner, corporate liable, and BYOD devices -- which can put a brake on enterprise mobile app deployments.

To find out how new approaches can allow data to be secured at the app level, we spoke to Mark Lorion, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at mobile app management and security company, Apperian.

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Will 2016 be the year of Windows 10 in the enterprise? [Q&A]


Businesses are notoriously reluctant to make the leap to a new operating system. But by the start of 2016 Windows 10 will have been around for six months, so can we expect next year to be the start of its taking off in the enterprise?

We spoke to Deepak Kumar, Founder and CTO of configuration management specialist Adaptiva to get his views on the march of Windows 10 and more.

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The challenges of endpoint management in a hybrid environment [Q&A]

Mobile device management

As the IT world is changing it's not uncommon for companies to be using a mix of cloud and on-premise solutions. These hybrid environments offer a best of both worlds option but do present problems when it comes to managing resources.

To find out how managers can address these challenges and what tools they can use to help, we spoke to Dana Epp, CTO of IT management specialist Kaseya.

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Bringing machine learning to the masses [Q&A]

Machine learning

Big businesses are increasingly recognizing the potential of data science and machine learning. Until recently, however, it hasn't been readily available to smaller organizations and individuals.

But now companies like Amazon and Google are beginning to make machine learning available more widely. Is this the start of a new trend? What will it mean for businesses, and will we see the rise of a new generation of ‘citizen data scientists’?

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