New Software Developed to Combat P2P

Two entertainment trade groups announced the launch of a new software tool on Thursday that they hope could curb the ever-increasing tide of illegal file sharing across unregulated peer-to-peer networks.

The International Federation of Phonographic Industry and the Motion Picture Association unveiled Digital File Check, a program that will remove or block file-sharing programs, as well as delete copyrighted work from a computer so it cannot be shared.

"This is a timely initiative: it comes after months of warning and information campaigns making it clear that file-swapping copyrighted music is illegal and could involve fines and prosecutions," John Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of IFPI, said in a statement


The organizations say that they want to arm users and corporate networks with a way to detect illegal content on their machines, and prevent it from being downloaded by others in the future.

Both the IFPI and MPAA say this tool could be used as a way to avoid possible legal action.

"It is free, voluntary and for private use only and does not tip-off any anti-piracy organizations," the groups assured.

Separately, the two groups along with the International Chamber of Commerce and International Video Foundation announced they were beginning efforts to push businesses to clean up their networks, saying illicit file sharing wasn't just occurring at home.

Both initiatives are aimed at increasing awareness of the legal issues surrounding file sharing, as well as bringing parents into the discussion and providing tools so they can see what their children are downloading.

Digital File Check will be made available on CD and as a download in the coming months.

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