Verizon iPhone ate into Android dominance, NPD says

Research firm NPD Group said Thursday that the introduction of the iPhone on Verizon did help Apple to eat into at least some of the Android platform's dominance of the smartphone industry in recent quarters. Additionally, the higher sales made Apple the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the United States.

The iPhone 4 was the best selling phone in the United States, followed by the iPhone 3GS, the Motorola Droid X, HTC Evo, and the HTC Incredible. The fact that the 3GS -- now a nearly two year old device -- still is one of the top selling smartphones in this country goes to show that rumors of Apple's downfall in this sector may be greatly exaggerated.

Apple had a 14 percent share of the market in the first quarter of this year, only eclipsed by Samsung's 23 percent share and LG's 18 percent. Overall unit sales increased 8 percent from the previous quarter, the firm said.


"Apple and Verizon had a very successful launch of the iPhone 4, which allowed the iPhone to expand its market share that was previously held back by its prolonged carrier exclusivity with AT&T," NPD's executive director Ross Rubin said of the results.

Android OS lost three points to make up half of all smartphone sales, while iOS increased nine percent to 28 percent of the market. RIM's BlackBerry OS fell five percent to 14 percent, signaling continuing sales weakness for the Canadian smartphone maker.

The fall in market share for Android was the first recorded by NPD since the second quarter of 2009. It also seems to suggest that Apple's long-term market exclusivity with AT&T may have hurt Cupertino more than have helped it, and with rumors of iPhones being tested on T-Mobile's 3G bands, apparently a mistake Apple is ready to correct if need be.

25 Responses to Verizon iPhone ate into Android dominance, NPD says

  1. siryak says:

    Lol while Windows IMO has made a great desktop OS, they are still lacking in the phone department. They are where iOS was when it first launched. Missing too many basic and important features. For the foreseeable future Droid is still making the best mobile OS and I don't see any signs of that changing any time soon.

    • Bay Area CA Male says:

      thats because you cant see past the geiks ignorant rants so what makes anyone think that you can see what really matters in the mobile space!!!?!?!?!?

      droid making the best os? which slum did you grow up in?

  2. siryak says:

    I don't think there will ever be a "downfall" of iOS in the phone market. The reason being is it is dead simple and appeals to people looking for a locked down device that won't let them meddle with it. Personally I want to be able to customize my OS and I don't want some arrogant prick CEO telling me what apps I can and can not use. But some people like to be herded by the Shepherd. For the simple minded teenager or grandparent the iOS will always have a place.

    • mshulman says:

      Really, the biggest reason is itunes/ipod capability. I think that's a major factor in why it is where it is today.

      How many people got it just because it could hold all their music?

      • siryak says:

        You are definitely not wrong there. Again personally I hate iTunes. It is way to bloated. Then again I am not the niche that Apple is targeting. I want customization and choice and that is definitely not what Apple is about.

      • Bay Area CA Male says:

        oh yeah... duh!

        300,000 apps has nothing to do with choice!

        And if you are a geek you can jailbreak your iphone easier than customizing you droid.

      • PC_Tool says:

        [i]And if you are a geek you can jailbreak your iphone easier than customizing you droid.[/i] really don't know shit about Android, do you? Have you ever actually used one? Rooted one? Flashed a ROM?


        Then shut the fuck up and limit your raving lunacy to things you actually have knowledge about....though you may have to find a new hobby.

      • siryak says:

        Oh boy...A marketplace full of fart apps and fake mood readers.

    • Bay Area CA Male says:

      Oh except that an idi ot like you forgot that the mainstream iPhone age is 18-42 years old....

      Only LOSER geeks like you who never get lay 'd spend their time at home on friday and saturday nights customizing your phone!

      • siryak says:

        *sigh* Looks like the children have found my post and are upset I talked bad about their precious toy. Sorry buddy you are not even worth the breath. Let me know when you can have a grown up conversation. I am not going to have a feces slinging contest with you.

  3. Tongghost says:

    Apple had a 14 percent share of the market in the first quarter of this year, only eclipsed by Samsung's 23 percent share and LG's 18 percent. Overall unit sales increased 8 percent from the previous quarter, the firm said

  4. damurphy says:

    Something is fishy about these numbers. A 8 percent increase in sales may or may not cause an increase in market share. We need the before and after market share numbers to see if iOS is really eating into Android's market share. Otherwise this is another Apple propaganda report.

    • siryak says:

      I agree that increase in sales != an increase in market share. Smartphones are growing more and more popular, so there are probably sales increases across the board.

  5. bigsexy022870 says:

    How is this betanews? And it's not even interesting at all.

    • tigreseis says:

      I'll hazard a guess. Maybe, it's because this is the WIRELESS NEWS section of Betanews and this article is WIRELESS NEWS.

      • Sparxx2k7 says:

        well it's still under the betanews tab .... it's not beta and its not news -

        now if they have a 3rd tab calling for all the blog posts that AREN'T beta news, then it would work

  6. mshulman says:

    I think the fact that the 3GS is still so popular just goes to show people don't want to spend a lot on a phone.

    • Quantum Leaper says:

      Also most cell phone contracts are two years. I know my friend is holding off until the next iPhone is released. He doesn't know yet what he is going to buy, the next iPhone or some Android phone.

    • ctk says:

      also i don't think the 3gs has as many hardware issues the ip4 had right out of the box. we have heard nonstop pretty much about the problems the 4 has. can't really say the same thing for the 3gs.

      plus the 3gs can work with t-mo. the ip4 does too, but you have to cut your sim card to do it. no joking, the ip4 numbers may have been slightly higher if it didn't require a microsim to run.

      • Bay Area CA Male says:

        WTF are you talking about???????

        The iPhone 4 did NOT have any issues out of the box.

        The antennagate fiasco was a concocted plot by super geek journalist who hate apple.

        Steve Jobs went on stage to prove that its normal for a phone to lose receptin when held a certain way. The iPhone 4 is THE BEST SELLING PHONE in history!!!!!

        To all you geeks... DEAL ITH IT!!!!

        Oh wait... how come there are sooooooo few android loving geeks in here? Is it because they dont knwo what to say that now that everything i have posted came ture?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!?!

        Now how much worse do you think it will get for android when iPhone goes to T-Mobile and Sprint, and the iPhone 5!!!!!

    • Bay Area CA Male says:

      I think that goes to show that most people would rather choose a two year old iPhone for $50 instead of a garbage android phone for a BOGO deal at the same $50!!!

  7. Bay Area CA Male says:

    Face it geiks....

    When people have a choice.... Its all about iOS.

    Only geiks love to waste their time customizing their phoens for hours only to brag to people who are not even paying attention. Thats because NOBODY outside of you geekdom. geek circles, geek bubbles give a hoot about dozens of possible screen layouts and menu options....

    Remember what happened at Clorox? Thats why this is no surprise to me!!!
    Google "Clorox iPhone" and youll see what i mean!

  8. brunul says:

    An interesting article I was reading this morning....
    I love the title: Apple juggernaut sends ripples through tech world

    Apple is now the most profitable company, next to Exxon. Historically, this is quite an accomplishment. Remember Apple in 1995? Ouch! Plus, all these Apple Store are good, creating thousand of jobs across the US. You Apple-Haters should be take a moment to reflect on that.

  9. tay_man123 says:

    Verizon all day!!!!

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