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On February 16, Apple unexpectedly released the OS X 10.8 developer preview and announced the software's availability some time in "late summer". Apple highlights 10 new features in Mountain Lion, the majority of which inherit capabilities from iOS 5 on iPad: AirPlay Mirroring, Game Center, Gatekeeper, iCloud, Messages, Notes, Notification Center, Reminders, Share Sheets and Twitter.

Apple also calls out support for cloud services in China, the company's second-most important market. Sync is among the most-important capabilities, which Apple will greatly extend in Mountain Lion. The company hasn't announced pricing, but Lion sold for $29.99. It's not unreasonable to expect similar pricing for Mountain Lion.

Funny aside that makes me wonder about Apple nomenclature: Gatekeeper. In the surprisingly still technology relevant 1995 thriller "The Net", a program called "Gatekeeper" has a starring role. The security software meant to protect computers from hackers is really a Trojan Horse for letting them in.

Founder of the software's developer, Gregg Microsystems, is really part of a diabolical group known as the Praetorians. The movie's climatic conclusion takes place during a computer show at the Moscone Center, which is where at bygone Macworld Expos Apple announced many new products.

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