NASA sends HTC/Google Nexus One...into space

Launched with Android 2.1 Eclair in January 2010 the HTC-built Google Nexus One is more than two years old, but that is not stopping NASA from re-launching the smartphone... into space this time around.

Part of the PhoneSat program designed to create "small, low-cost, and easy-to-buid nano-satellites", in 2013 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration will launch Google's former Android flagship smartphone into space. According to HTC, NASA will not unbox the Google Nexus One and strap it on a rocket, as it was already put through thorough testing. The smartphone's first contact with space was in 2010, when it was attached to a rocket and launched to the edge of space, while also recording every step of the trip.


"Why the Google Nexus One?" you may ask. According to HTC its two-year old device has 100 times more processing power than the run-of-the-mill satellite that is orbiting overhead today and incorporates the majority of features that a satellite needs such as GPS module, flexible operating system, multi-band radios, gyroscope, accelerometer and camera among other features.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer also made a Jupiter reference to the recently introduced One X+, though it's less likely to be sent into space for the next two years if the Nexus One is of any indication.

This is an interesting event, which marketing-wise looks to benefit both HTC and Google. Even more impressive is that basically what is almost three-year old smartphone technology is perfectly adequate for NASA.

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