Motorola Atrix HD root exploit available, should work on new Razrs as well

The Motorola Atrix HD is not the most modder-friendly smartphone available as it comes with a locked bootloader. Now though, there is a root exploit available that might turn things around and help it receive custom Android distributions.

The exploit gives Motorola Atrix HD users the ability to run applications using elevated, or root, rights. The installation is pretty straight forward, and first requires downloading and extracting a zip archive. The newest ADB drivers from Motorola are required before connecting the smartphone to the computer and running the .bat file. Just a button combination more, and the Motorola Atrix HD is rooted, according to the developer.

According to the XDA Developers user djrbliss, who found and made the exploit public, it should work for the new Motorola Razr M, Razr HD, Razr i and Photon Q as well.

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