Which survives the drop test, iPad mini or Nexus 7?

To be honest, you really don't want to know which one. Some tragedies are simply too painful to see. But if you delight in car crashes, then do watch Darcy LaCouvee plummet the Apple and ASUS/Google tablets to the cement. Informal drop tests like this one aren't exactly scientific, if for no other reason than Chaos theory. But they're nevertheless revealing and entertaining.

Like the iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III drop test, the Android Authority reporter waited until the Apple device starting selling in stores to drop-test the tablets. He's back again from Hong Kong, in this riveting 5:39 video.

My thanks to Derek Ross for sharing the video on Google+. He recounts a near-tablet death experience: "I dropped my Nexus 7 about a week after I got it. Well, let me rephrase that. I was attempting to hug my wife with Nexus 7 in hand, she ended up slapping the Nexus 7 out of my hand. It landed face down on a hard wood deck. The Nexus was not damaged one bit. Divorce averted!" He asks: "Have you dropped your N7?"

That's a good question, because if you have -- and shattered the glass -- there is little recourse. By contrast, Apple provides affordable additional protection. ASUS, like most other tablet manufacturers, does not. AppleCare+ adds an extra year to the warranty and cheap phone replacement, all for $99 at time of purchase (or within 30 days subjected to gruelling phone inspection). Apple Store will replace busted iPads up to two times, for $49 each instance. But do you even need that? Watch the video and decide.

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