Xbox tablet would be biggest blunder since Microsoft Bob

It's not exactly a secret that Microsoft wants everyone to have an Xbox or that the company just recently released it's very first tablet in the form of the Surface RT, with a Windows 8 Pro model coming soon. But, would Microsoft actually consider combining these two seemingly different platforms?

Some people seem to think that may happen, but I want to talk the company down from the ledge and say "Please abandon this silly idea" before it becomes the biggest blunder since Bob. In fact, I would love to scream at the company NO! It would be a terrible and costly stumble by the Redmond, Wash. folks.

We have actually been discussing the idea of this Xbox tablet here at BetaNews and opinions are somewhat varied, with some writers actually daring to call it a great extension to the system, while some of us see it as a completely ridiculous idea. I would like to end this madness and throw my two cents in so everyone can see the light.

Why do I describe this with terms like ridiculous, crazy and other names I won't print here? Let's count the reasons!

1. Microsoft has already made the Xbox Live app available on all of the major mobile platforms -- like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The Redmond, Wash. company is also now beginning to distribute the brand new Xbox SmartGlass mobile app to various platforms, most recently on Apple's iPhone and iPad.

2. Does anyone really want one more device to lug around? Seriously, most of us already carry around a smartphone and laptop, or tablet. Do you want to tote a second tablet that is so one-dimensional?

3. Today's tablets and phones are already very capable gaming devices and, in addition to those Xbox apps I mentioned, there are app stores filled with even more games that cover the gamete for variety from sports, racing, shooters, kids games, puzzles -- need I go on?

4. Microsoft simply is grabbing for money here. The company is drunk on the notion that its recent moves with Windows 8 and Surface RT appear like they will be successful. Now the company sees dollar signs and thinks it can do no wrong -- just put something out and watch everyone hand over their money. Honestly, it's an Apple mentality, minus the thinking.

5. Oh, and did I mention that there will likely be a new Xbox console in the next year or so? That new console may just render this tablet incompatible and useless.

My current phone and tablet work fine, and I won't be carrying one more device. In fact, there are more than enough options for even the most avid gamer or media fan on those current devices. So, why would users care to spend their money on a third screen and then carry one more device around? It's a ridiculous idea! Go ahead and call me a curmudgeon. I dare you!

Photo Credit: Robert Adrian Hillman/Shutterstock

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