HP: Surface is 'slow and a little kludgey'

Our own Robert Johnson might love his Microsoft Surface tablet, but HP's head of PC, Todd Bradley, isn’t quite so keen. In an interview with IDG Enterprise, Bradley dismisses Microsoft’s foray into the PC hardware market claiming he doesn’t see the new tablet as a threat.

"I'd hardly call Surface competition", he says, before going on to explain his reasons. "One, very limited distribution. It tends to be slow and a little kludgey as you use it. I just don't think it's competitive. It's expensive." He also states that consumers haven't taken to the Windows RT tablet either. "Holistically, the press has made a bigger deal out of Surface than what the world has chosen to believe. If you want to go to any of the 30 Microsoft Stores in the United States to buy one, I think you should probably do that".

HP makes tablets for the enterprise, but -- no doubt still burnt by last year’s TouchPad fire sale -- has no immediate plans to roll out a Surface competitor. According to Bradley: "We're not entering the consumer tablet fray any time soon. We'll be doing something next year, but you won't see a consumer tablet from HP before Christmas. You'll see convertibles that are focused on how you use the device, keyboard, clamshell".


Returning to the subject of Microsoft, Bradley freely admits he isn't a big fan of RT and when asked if Windows 8 makes sense without touch, says: "Depends on the customer. You can clearly use it and navigate it. It's a question of pricing, how do you get a broad set of touch products with prices that are relevant. Microsoft has clearly tried to dictate to customers what they need. If you look at retail orders, what we built with touch related to Windows 8, touch is a small percentage of that. It's a price point issue, it's a go to market issue, it's an orientation issue"

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16 Responses to HP: Surface is 'slow and a little kludgey'

  1. frankwick says:

    I've used a Surface RT twice and found it smooth. The kludgy part is that the desktop still exists to run Office. Kill the desktop and it becomes 99% less kludged.

  2. GoTWhisKeY says:

    he looks slow and a little kludgy

  3. WP7Mango says:

    I say one thing to HP...

    If you think the Surface RT is slow, kludgy and expensive, then MAKE SOMETHING BETTER and cheaper! Quit your whinging and give your customers something decent. Microsoft has the RT market all to itself at the moment, and it will continue to improve the Surface RT in the future.

    • IT advisor says:

      It's OK. There already are decent alternatives. One is called iOS, and the other called Android.

    • Bladeforc3 says:

      Fanboi!!!!!! Hypocritical now someone has come out and said what most people think!! Where are the sales figures to make this guy from HP wrong??? Thats right wandango sit there being a hypocrite!

  4. MG_Info says:

    It's hard to take HP too seriously after the dropping the PC fiasco. They have re-earn the consumers trust. They were once a dominant PC manufacturer but they screwed up royally. I used to always have HP notebooks but now I only use ASUS.

  5. Xuanlong says:

    Coming from the company that gave us the TouchPad, the undisputed king of slow and kludgey.

  6. skimore says:

    "I'd hardly call Surface competition", to WEBOS??? Right HP your WebOS tablet is AWESOME.. Too bad HP killed it..

  7. SoundMix says:

    Bradley will be eating his words....soon!

  8. IT advisor says:

    It's too late.

    The Surface RT has already failed. There is evidence everywhere that it simply is not selling.

    That's a pretty good indicator of a platform's long-term chances (or lack of).

    • lvthunder says:

      Give me a break. The surface RT has not "already failed". It came out what 2-3 weeks ago. If the Surface RT kicks the other OEM's in the pants and they create better products as a result it is still a win for Microsoft. Even if they only sell 50 surface tablets.

    • derekaw says:

      You are right. By many measures the WART has already failed. It's slow, buggy, speaker volume issues, keyboard issues and more. If it was a success by any measure MS would be promoting that. What are the sales numbers?

  9. Bladeforc3 says:

    And here we go, the Microshaft fanbois cry in support of a guy on this site giving a review then cry foul when a guy gives his opinion against, pathetic!

  10. ilev says:

    You can smell s**t even if you don't have a competing device.

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