Microsoft busts some myths with new Outlook ad

Microsoft is in the process of pushing users to for web email services. The company purchased Hotmail back in 1997, largely ignored it, and then suddenly began updating the app right before deciding to unceremoniously replace it with back in July of 2012.

Now the company is in full push-mode to get users moved over and also try to woo new customers for the service. With that in mind, Microsoft has teamed up with the folks from the popular Mythbusters TV show to advertise and also push the brand new season of the show.

No myths about the email service are touched on in the ad, but the team, or at least part of it, is shown using the web-based email to take a trip down memory lane in anticipation of the big anniversary. Microsoft, in posting the 30-second spot, describes it as "to celebrate the MythBusters' 10th season premiering May 1, check out the build team -- Kari, Tory and Grant -- reminiscing about their experiences on the show through photos and videos shared with".

No word on when the ad will debut on TV, but the show, one of the longest-running in Discovery channel history, will hit the airwaves on May 1st to begin its tenth season with Adam Savage, Jamie Hyeman and the rest of the crew.

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