Bing upgrades your video experience

In its continuing effort to thwart the evil Google (except when partnered with it) Microsoft announces another improvement to its search engine alternative, this time in the form of video. Microsoft terms this update "completely reimagined", but users can be the judge of that.

"We know there is more than one great video service out there and that’s why we showcase the best the web has to offer. On Bing you can not only find great videos from YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo, but also content from Dailymotion, Vevo, MTV, CBS, MSN and more", says the Bing video search team.

The update adds a pop-out image when users hover over each video, an enhancement to a feature previously available in video search. The new version also expands the information displayed about a video in an effort to speed up search, shows favicons from the top sites, view counts and descriptions, and adds a control for previews so you can adjust the volume level of the preview playback.

The search engine also adds improved filters for common resolution sizes like 1080 and 720, as well as a new playback layout that provides carousel navigation to the next video.

Google may still rule the market, but Bing continues to provide a quality alternative.

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