Microsoft compares Surface 2 to iPad Air -- Surface wins!

Microsoft has been on fire today in the video department. First, the company released a controversial video declaring that a Chromebook is not a laptop. While that should be enough controversy for the day, it is not resting.

Today, Microsoft releases two new videos comparing its own Surface 2 to the iPad Air. Shocking to no one, the Surface 2 beat Apple's tablet. Was it a fair fight? You tell me.

According to Dale Perrigo of the Surface team, "we know that many of you are in the middle of deciding which devices to purchase for family, friends, and yourselves. As you consider the alternatives, you should think about what you want to do on your tablet".


"Surface is designed and built for people who want to do more and be productive on a tablet. This means different things to different people, so we've put together a series of videos (with more to come) to show you how Surface compares to its competition in accomplishing many of the things you do every day", says Perrigo.

In the first video, titled Cooking, Microsoft claims that the Surface 2 is better equipped for use in the kitchen. This is because the integrated kickstand holds it up, while hands-free technology allows the tablet to remain food free.

Comparatively, the iPad Air has a kickstand, but only with the addition of a case. While Apple's tablet has a hands-free mode, it requires voice-commands, which won't work in a noisy room. In other words, you may get things like tomato sauce all over the iPad screen. Mama mia, that's a dirty iPad.

In the second video, titled Sharing with Family, we see how the Surface 2 can utilize multiple profiles, which iPad can't. This makes Surface 2 ideal for a family, as each user can have a customized experience and a unique login. The video even says "kids love having their own backgrounds, apps and games". You know what else kids like? Their own tablet. No one wants to share a tablet that dad brings into the bathroom.

So, do you think the comparison is fair? Does Surface 2 really win? Tell me in the comments.


Sharing with Family

41 Responses to Microsoft compares Surface 2 to iPad Air -- Surface wins!

  1. derekaw says:

    If you need a tablet that includes everything and the kitchen sink and needs a keyboard then Surface is perfect for you.

    • mshulman says:

      Spoken like a true Apple fanboy.

      Needs a keyboard? No. Has a great option for taking one with you to be more productive? Yes.

      It's funny that you mention keyboards though, because all around I see people using iPad's with keyboards.

    • WP7Mango says:

      The Surface doesn't need a keyboard, just like the iPad doesn't need a keyboard.

      In fact, the on-screen keyboard on the Surface is superior to the iPad.

      • derekaw says:

        I have never seen it reviewed without a keyboard, you? I have never seen any review that said the on screen keyboard was better than iPad. No one says the surface is 'useable' without a keyboard, right? Why does Microsoft focus so much on the keyboard? 'Click in'

      • WP7Mango says:

        For when you want to do work such as typing a document, the physical keyboard is obviously better (when using Office for example). People buy physical keyboards for iPads for exactly the same reason.

        But if you're just doing casual typing for twitter, Facebook, filling forms in, etc, then the on-screen keyboard is sufficient. And the on-screen keyboard of the Surface 2 is better than the iPad. I use both, and the Surface on-screen keyboard is superior in several ways. If you had used one, you'd know exactly why.

      • mshulman says:

        On screen keyboard works great. Microsoft is simply showing how much more you can do with a surface and how great having a cover that doubles as a keyboard is.

        If I owned an ipad, I'd have a keyboard. And while its not as good as the touch keyboard that I'm using now, the type keyboard is no heavier than any iPad cover I've seen. And the new type keyboard is supposedly that much better with a lot more sensors.

        Have you actually used a surface? Because I can speak from experience having worked with iPad, surface and android tablets. Unless you've actually spent some time using one, don't be so quick to judge. And just playing with it for a few minutes in a store doesn't count.

      • TheCyberKnight says:

        I have both an iPad and a Surface 2.

        The keyboard is totally optional on the Surface and I often detach it. Meanwhile, it is very handy when you need to type more than a few lines.

        As for the on-screen keyboard, there is simply no comparison here. The Windows 8.1 on-screen keyboard is way better than the iOS implementation.

      • Jdawg Laurence says:

        Agreed. I found that the onscreen keyboard was great and flawless when lying in bed watching a movie. iPad's is just frustrating to use.

  2. Luke Melville says:

    It's fair to say the Surface wins when it comes to sharing the device with the entire family. Not to sure about the cooking one. I have Surface RT and I really enjoy it. The kickstand rocks, you get USB and an SD card slot plus more personalisation options than the iPad.

  3. toph36 says:

    Windows works great across multiple devices... Tablets, Laptops, desktops. I have a Surface, laptop, and AIO and all my apps sync across the three. If my 5-year old daughter wants to use any of the 3, she has her own login and can't mess with my stuff. Sorry, I am not going to buy 3 ipads and spend over $2,000 so the 3 of us can have our own device.

  4. brunul says:

    As far as the hardware is concerned I like the Surface. It's Windows 8 I can't stand. I own an iPad Mini and yes I do wish it'd had a USB port.

  5. mshulman says:

    I wasn't aware surface 2 supported gestures. At least I'm assuming its just the surface 2.

    • jvs says:

      The Surface RT, Surface Pro, Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro support gestures in the Food & Drink application because uses the camera.

      • mshulman says:

        Just tried it. Pretty cool. I had no idea this was supported. Will be nice to see more of this, although I'm hard pressed to see where else it might be useful.

      • I am testing an all-in-one Win 8.1 PC that uses software to do this -- navigate the computer with air-gestures using the webcam. It is actually very cool, and surprisingly functional.

  6. RCS says:

    I have neither. I have a friend who has the Surface 2 Pro and the new iPad, and he loves the Surface; if it wasn't for the general limitations inherent in tablets (very little expansion available), he would use it to replace his laptop. The iPad stays at home most days.

  7. John says:

    I am typing from my Surface 2 now, and I absolutely love the device. My wife and I do share the device so the video is actually on point.

  8. Chanbingo says:

    Microsoft compares Surface 2 to iPad Air -- Surface wins...... and iPad sells!

  9. mytake4this says:

    A day without apps, is a day without a tablet. Works that way for phones as well. People write apps for iOS, then Android, and some time - a lone time later, they may make one for Windows. This is a problem. Don't see that in their ads :( Too busy worrying about Google and Apple. Maybe Micro needs to think about the Macro problem here.

    • BayAreaCAMale says:

      "Maybe Micro needs to think about the Macro problem here."

      WoW that was impressive... no im not joking you wrote something which could ideologically save MS if they got their heads... where they belong!

  10. johnrc2 says:

    The question was: are the comparisons shown in the videos a fair comparison. They seems accurate and factual to me. Either the tablet supports gestures, or it doesn't. Either the tablet supports multiple accounts, or it doesn't. If those things are important to you, then the choice is clear. If other things are important to you, then you may make another choice.

  11. Prayaas says:

    Surface is the clear winner no matter what iSheep think. Surface has USB ports, the full Office, and hence lets users do what they want to on a PC. Yes, you must admit, most PC users still do only web browsing, media, file management and Office sometimes. Plus it has a kickstand. You can't do all that on an iPad (file management especially). Plus, Surface hooks up with most or all peripherals, so despite what people on tech sites require (legacy support for desktop apps), its still a full experience for most people out there. Windows RT doesn't need to face the axe.

    • BayAreaCAMale says:

      Just be cause YOU "cant do all that on an ipad" does not under any circumstances mean that nobody else has not done it and been doing it!

    • ja_1410 says:

      Pontiac Aztec was a clear winner. It had most of the storage compartments in the class. It had folding seats that gave largest cargo space in the class. It had extra features for camping that nobody else had at the time etc..

  12. async2013 says:

    Mute points. In the end Apple is making billions Microsoft are making peanuts (and thats being kind) on the surface line. Maybe a majority of people have just plain had enough of the Microsoft ecosystem over the years.
    Lets face it Microsoft and quality dont exactly go together in the eyes of Joe Public UNLESS you live in America because obviously they are American. In the bigger world Microsoft arent known as very good

    • The tides can change in the technology world very quickly. We aren't that far removed from Blackberry and Nokia being on top. The Surface 2 is a great tablet that is a treat to use. If Microsoft stays the course, they should be fine. Consumers get bored -- Android and iOS are not immune to that.

      • async2013 says:

        Providing Android and Apple dont progress which is Microsofts problem they stagnate a market sit on their laurels and count the money. It's all starting to kick them in the ass now

    • mshulman says:

      FYI - It's moot, not mute.

      Apple is clearly successful and popular. But as history shows, what is successful today and popular today isn't always tomorrow. Surface is another option. Anyone that thought they'd release it and catch up to Apple quickly is a fool. Maybe they'll never catch up, but it is certainly going to take a few years for them to make any really significant progress.

      • async2013 says:

        But as history shows, what is successful today and popular today isn't always tomorrow.

        Ironically this is happening to Microsoft (Titanic Part II) today

    • ja_1410 says:

      In the bigger world Windows and Office far dominates anything else. I wonder why people use something that is considered bad ? In my world if something is bad I cease using it. I agree with you however that big part of Surface loss is general public dislike on anything Microsoft.

    • Jdawg Laurence says:

      Um, actually USA is pretty much one of the only places where Apple has good market share in it's products nowadays. iPhone is dominated by Android everywhere other than NA, and soon it will be the same with tablets. Most people who use Apple are people who don't look at other options, because they only hear the popular name i*insertproducthere*. Anyone who does research would probably steer clear of Apple unless theyare another iSheep.

  13. Dennis McClune says:

    I'm sure if Apple released the ad their toy would win....

  14. Mary Web.. says:

    This site always sucks up to Microsoft. There is so much MORE great TECH going on yet this site focus's on MS. The front page here.. lol look up the word microsoft.

    After a 900mil lose MS still has not got it right. MS store is nothing like Apple Store. Just google and read you find the MS surface 2 is better then the last yet IPAD is always the better choice. No I don't own any of these. The build quality alone feels cheap on the surface 2. No lie I don't one person "work, friends" that own the surface "2, pro". Now some sort of Apple product? Most have a I phone or Ipad.

    Lol do some researching on that TEGRA 4 chip. LOVES power, gets very very warm.. anyway duh that is always left out.

  15. Xuanlong says:

    The ad has valid points. The iPad is often praised for its sleek design or technical specs, but Microsoft is showing actual every day scenarios in which one might use a tablet. The kickstand and USB port allow the Surface to do real, useful things, while iPad owners are forced to shell out $40+ for a piece of plastic to do the same simple things. The iPad may have 'cool' factor, but Microsoft makes a strong case that for actually doing things, the Surface has some key advantages.

    • BayAreaCAMale says:

      and so the man says...(drum roll)... A whole lot of nothing!

      You forgot to answer the question in the article, and you wrote an entire paragraph without saying anything. Guurrr8 job! Some things will never change.

      PS I still use my note 2.

  16. mytake4this says:

    I picked up an iPad while looking around Best Buy, and simply asked Siri to go to my website. Then I went over to Surface and got totally lost. How do you use voice to get to your websites?

  17. JustRants says:

    When a company compares its product to a competitor's in a commercial, you can assume the competitor's product is the overall winner, regardless of the commercial.

    • romath says:

      So I should assume Century phone company dsl is better than, say, Charter cable because the latter runs ads comparing the two?

  18. FWTiger says:

    i was looking at either a iPad or a Surface for my wife for her birthday. She does not have a smart phone, uses the computer to do social things, surfing the net and is not a techie in any sense of the word. she used a friends new iPad for a few days and then we bought a Surface for a 15 day trial. the surface is staying with us and not going back to the store. having the USB and SD slot was a huge benefit for her when downloading pictures. she loves the kickstand. it wasn't even close.

    Most people on this forum have a preference as to the OS... Apple vs Android vs Windows. both likes and dislikes. Thats OK... but it doesn't mean the other is bad, just you like it better.

  19. Clayton Batts says:

    I personally think that the surface is the closest option to the ipad. I just dont think they should compare their items to the ipad it just shows that the iPad is much more popular. iPad doesn't compare their items to others in any of their commercials and it is by far the most popular tablet.

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