Maxthon web browser comes to Linux -- move over, Chrome and Firefox

When it comes to Linux distributions, there is quite a lot of software available. However, it is not always great. Many programs are third-rate, and the ones that are good, aren't the big name brands. Windows and OS X definitely have a superior selection of popular software.

One place where Linux does not lack, is web browsers. With the exception of Internet Explorer and Safari, all the other big-boys are represented -- Chrome, Firefox and Opera to name a few. One browser, Maxthon, was not available for Linux -- until now.

"Maxthon brings its high performance and seamless browsing to Linux, ensuring faster speed, improved performance and an overall out-of-the-box browsing experience. Running on an optimized WebKit core made faster by Maxthon's in-house WebKit R&D team, Maxthon for Linux features superior page rendering speeds and performance enhancements evident throughout the browsing experience", says the Maxthon Team.

Karl Mattson, VP of Maxthon's International Division says, "the addition of Linux takes our core value proposition -- high performance, independent, multi-platform browsing -- one step further. Desktop computing is evolving beyond the one-OS-to-rule-them-all dynamic and as that develops, Maxthon will be right there offering high performance alternative web browsers on the platforms that matter".

The company touts the following features:

  • Magic Fill -- An AES 256 level encrypted password and user account prompt
  • Personalized Quick Access-- Set and arrange a 'speed dial' of the most-commonly-visited websites
  • Maxthon Passport Account -- A free service that allows users to encrypt and share Favorites, Quick Access and Magic Fill Data across different devices using Maxthon
  • Mouse Gestures -- Execute common browser commands like 'forward, back and reload' by 'drawing' a gesture with the mouse
  • Easy Tab Management -- Right and left click close and reload last tabs visited
  • 'Restore Last' button -- One click and the browser will restore and reload the most recent session
  • Extensions -- Native support for extensions, including full interoperability with Chrome Extensions

This is yet another big win for the Linux community. While some may say that yet another web browser is not needed, I say, "the more the merrier". Maxthon offers some unique features and the company seems committed for the long haul. Firefox and Chrome users should definitely take a look.

Are you a Linux user? Try Maxthon and let me know what you think.

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