New partnership brings easy-to-use encryption to Microsoft email users

Secure email

The best way to keep data from emails and attachments from falling into the wrong hands is to use some form of encryption. But it needs to be easy to use if it's going to be effective.

Systems integrator and network consultancy BrightPlanIT has announced a partnership with DataMotion that will see it reselling cloud-based solutions for secure email, file transfer, customer contact and forms processing.

For Microsoft customers DataMotion's cloud-hosted services protect email and file attachments from accidental exposure and data theft, and are also offered as an on-premise or hybrid solution.

For some organizations email encryption is a legal requirement to enable them to comply with privacy legislation -- in the healthcare sector for example. DataMotion's solutions feature compliance-grade encryption without the need to install special apps or exchange encryption keys. They enable users to send secure messages and attachments with a single mouse-click, so there's no temptation to look for insecure alternatives and leave the organization open to data loss and fines from regulators.

The partnership with BrightPlanIT focuses on integrating encryption solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365.

"We’ve had a relationship with BrightPlanIT for a while, and not only do we have great respect for each other's work, we realized that by capitalizing on our strengths and focusing our combined efforts we could offer Microsoft customers something truly unique," says Bob Bales, CEO of DataMotion. "With this partnership, new and existing customers can spend more time handling their business instead of being tied-up in the purchasing process and IT issues".

Skip Gould, CEO of BrightPlanIT says, "This is about getting the job done right, the first time. Concern over data loss is at an all-time high and many new, inexperienced vendors have emerged because they see the market potential. DataMotion has been doing this for a long time and their services protect companies worldwide. We’re versed in both DataMotion and Microsoft solutions, can have a customer up-and-running fast, and our experience enables us to support IT in a way that would otherwise consume a great deal of time and effort".

You can find more about DataMotion's SecureMail system on the company's website.

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