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The holy grail of marketing is to be able to understand what your customers want and then to adapt your communications accordingly to make them more effective.

Achieving this of course isn't easy so companies are always on the lookout for ways to learn more about their customers. Boston-Based QuickPivot (formerly called Extraprise) is launching a new marketing platform to allow marketers in any industry to derive customer insight, listen to brand interactions and then adapt campaigns with highly optimized messages and offers.


QuickPivot CEO Michael Shanker says, "Instead of operating at the traditional 'speed of marketing,' B2B and B2C organizations that leverage our newest offerings are able to market at the right speed of the customer -- combining technology, insight, creative, channel mix and operational agility, to make every touch count at any point in the customer journey".

The product supports a wide range of devices and channels such as email, mobile, web, social and print, all of them in real time. So it allows cross-channel marketing, database segmentation to provide answers fast, and accurate reporting of campaign effectiveness. It's cloud-based too so teams can access it from anywhere they need to.

In addition, QuickPivot has many years of experience in providing marketing technology and services for some of the world’s largest B2B and B2C brands. The company will combine its platform with a complete range of database, analytical and reporting services. This will let users optimize and measure campaign effectiveness in real time at every stage of the process across campaigns, channels and geographical regions.

You can find out more about QuickPivot and how it works on the company's website.

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