Mozilla to launch a new Firefox-based browser just for developers

Mozilla to launch a new Firefox-based browser just for developers

Currently being referred to as something "unique but familiar", Mozilla has a new browser on the way. Based on Firefox, the new web browser has been designed specifically with developers in mind. In a post of the Mozilla Blog, the company explains that the up-coming browser will include built in tools such as WebIDE and the Firefox Tools Adapter.

The browser is due to launch on 10 November and comes after Mozilla looked at Firefox "through a completely new filter to put developers' interests first". The idea of an "independent web" is also being pushed, and Mozilla has commandeered the #ChooseIndependent and #fx10 hashtags to celebrate Firefox's tenth birthday.

Described as being built by developers for developers, the idea behind the new browser is to simply make things easier:

When building for the Web, developers tend to use a myriad of different tools which often don’t work well together. This means you end up switching between different tools, platforms and browsers which can slow you down and make you less productive.

Details are a little thin on the ground at the moment, but Mozilla has published a teaser video to whet the appetites of eager developers. Called simply Firefox Developer Browser -- Teaser Trailer, the video title could be a hint at the name that will be used:

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