LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Which flagship has the better camera?


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is a great device, no doubt about it. It has all the elements needed for a great smartphone: a large, high quality display, powerful processor, a great operating system with countless features, and two amazing cameras.

However, the competition out there is merciless. Apple has hit the South Korean giants hard with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, and now the LG G4 seems to be out for blood, as well.

The G4 hasn’t even been properly unveiled yet, and Forbes has already made a detailed comparison of the cameras on the two smartphone heavyweights, and even though LG has some hardware advantages over the Galaxy S6, the question remains whether or not is it worth extra $$$.

"One aspect of which the company is most proud is the G4’s main lens. Its f/1.8 aperture is currently the brightest on any smartphone and is a massive improvement on the f/2.4 lens found on the current G3 model. Perhaps more importantly it just pips Samsung’s excellent f/1.9 Galaxy S6 camera at the post", says Forbes, later adding that the 0.1 difference might not be "incredibly important", as LG likes to put it.

Manual control over shutter speed, ISO and white balance are also big advantages for the G4.

Still, the automatic snapshots are what will ultimately determine the better camera for most owners. Both Apple and Samsung are extremely good at that, and we will still have to wait and see just how LG’s flagship G4 can compete with the duo.

Startup time, handling of the phone while taking pictures, megapixels; those are all elements making the difference between a good camera and a great camera.

"These early details look very promising, but the Galaxy S6 is a very tough act to follow and it will definitely take more than just an f/1.8 lens to pull it off", Forbes concludes.

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