The stunning Windows 13 -- yes, 13! -- is the Microsoft operating system we want

Microsoft plans to phase out support for Windows 10 soon (unless you pay, of course), leaving users with the option to either upgrade to Windows 11 or wait for the anticipated successor, likely to be Windows 12.

Although Microsoft hasn't officially announced that next-gen operating system yet, it has dropped plenty of hints, and there’s a good chance it will come jam-packed with AI functionality, as that is clearly where the operating system -- and the company -- is headed.


Several talented concept creators (not affiliated with Microsoft) have already given us their takes on what Windows 12 might look like, including prolific designer AR 4789. You can see his ‘revolutionary' take on Windows 12 here.

Stepping a year or two into the future with Windows 12 isn’t enough for him, however, and today he reveals his concept for the follow-up to that, which he’s calling Windows 13.

Whether Microsoft would embrace the number 13 as willingly as AR 4789 has here is a matter for debate, but there’s no question his creation is stunning. If Microsoft adopted half of what’s in this design, its future OS would be gorgeous.

As with many of AR 4789's videos, it starts with the OS being installed before we get to see the features he envisions forming part of Windows 13.

The Copilot button does appear in this concept, but we don’t get to see Copilot in action. We do, however, see AI being used to create Windows wallpaper from a text prompt (a feature he previously showed off in his Windows 12 concept).

The lock screen has a bit of an Apple iOS feel to it, but that’s no bad thing. The taskbar is centered, but what makes this concept so good is the large number of ways that Windows 13 can be customized. If only Microsoft were so generous.

Whether you’re a fan of widgets in Windows or not, they are brilliantly implemented here, and it’s interesting to see a choice of icon styles available, too.

Watch the full video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

What would you like to see in Windows 13? (Or in Windows 12, for that matter).

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