Simplifying analytics with a building block approach

Building blocks

Data is the lifeblood of business, but getting the answers to key questions from it can be time consuming and costly as it needs specialist tools and expert analysis.

Analytics specialist Looker is trying to simplify the process of gaining insights from data with the release of a new product called Looker Blocks.

These are apps that form components of business logic, such as churn prediction or lifetime value metrics, which can be put together and customized to address data needs company-wide as well as any industry-specific requirements. By combining a few Looker Blocks businesses can start to access and analyze data faster and have the tools to address all of their data needs across the entire organization. Looker Blocks can be used to analyze the sales funnel, monitor customer health, conduct sophisticated web analytics, or optimize an online storefront -- essentially any analysis that a company might need.

"In today's competitive market, every business in every industry should be leveraging data to make informed decisions, but available tools offer either limited views of the data or require data experts to answer even simple questions," says Frank Bien, Looker CEO. "Now with Looker Blocks, Looker’s Data Platform is clearly the solution to company-wide analytics -- offering a way for analysts to centralize their business logic while also offering access and exploration to everyone".

Looker began four years ago and became successful with data analysts because of its ability to describe, transform, and interrelate data directly within analytic databases. It's since added visualization and analysis tools and begun offering self-service exploration for business teams. With Looker Blocks it has made public the best of these centralized metrics and has turned its data modeling layer into a full platform that can easily consolidate all analytics functions across an entire organization.

You can find out more about Looker Blocks and set up a free trial on the company's website.

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