Joe Belfiore is using an iPhone, and that's not OK

Shock surprise

Joe Belfiore is now on a break from his job at Microsoft, taking an "educational trip" across the globe with his family. Given that Belfiore "runs the team building Phone/Tablet/PC versions of Windows" you might expect him to use a Windows phone to share updates with his followers as, after all, most are Windows enthusiasts.

However, Belfiore is publicly using an iPhone, and he expects his fans to be OK with it. You do not see Jony Ive, for instance, rocking an Android smartphone or a Windows 10 Mobile device, because that would not make the iPhone look like the best smartphone there is. So why would it be fine for Belfiore to use a rival's device?

Yes, Microsoft supports Android and iOS, on top of its own operating system, but Belfiore is not just any employee, so when he decides to use a device from one of his company's rivals it tends to make Windows look bad, as if it is lacking something.

Belfiore has tried to defend his choice by saying that the vacation presents a huge opportunity to test the other (more popular) platforms, and that "it’d be crazy not to [do it]".

Belfiore apparently believes that it is too difficult to experience all the benefits that Android and iOS have to offer in a short period of time, which, to be perfectly honest, is a ridiculous explanation. It sounds as if Belfiore is a stranger to Windows' rivals, and he is only now getting the proper chance to see what all the fuss is about.

This is actually not the first time that Belfiore has been "caught" using an iPhone to tweet, but it should be the last. It gives consumers more reasons to dismiss Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile, which hurts the platform's chances of regaining some of the market share it recently ceded to Android and iOS, while making it look like a subpar option in today's market. And none of that helps, Joe.

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