Relive the 1990s in animated GIFs, at the Internet Archive

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The 1990s were great -- multiplayer shooters like Doom and Quake were revolutionizing gaming, Friends and ER were on the TV, and we were all enjoying a new, fledgling technology called the World Wide Web.


Before Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter came along, there was GeoCities, a web hosting service eventually acquired by Yahoo, that allowed users to place their websites in virtual 'cities'. But if there was one thing that most people remember about GeoCities, it was the animated GIFs.

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Now, thanks to the Internet Archive, you can revisit your favorite ‘90s GIFs via GifCities: The GeoCities Animated Gif Search Engine.

This is exactly what you would expect it to be -- a search site providing access to a massive amount of animated GIFs once used on GeoCities sites.

dancing_babiesIn total, there are over 4,500,000 animated GIFs (1,600,000 unique images) available to search through, including many classics, such as GeoCities' "Under Construction" GIFs that were popular at a time when most of the web was, indeed, still under construction.

And don’t forget the dancing babies. Who could ever forget the dancing babies?

Enjoy browsing through the history of GIFs here.

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