Evernote enables sign-in with Google


Have to keep track of something like a to-do list, shopping list or other items? There are multiple apps that will handle this for you and sync across platforms, allowing your lists to go on the road with you. That ability is one of the keys to choosing a good note-taking app, but things such as easy sign-in are also important for most users.

You are, perhaps, used to seeing options that allow you to bypass entering a username and password and instead click a button that will log you in automatically.

While Facebook is the primary thing to pop up on your screen it isn't the only one. Now one of the most popular note taking apps, Evernote, is adding another option to get you up and running. The company is making Google a choice for its many users.

"As with all Evernote integrations with third-party services, Google Sign-in is an opt-in feature (separate from Evernote’s Google Drive integration). It’s up to you to decide whether or not to enable Google sign-in for your account. If you’re not sure, feel free to try it out first. You can always disable it later, but we think you’re going to love it", Evernote states.

The option is available right now so if you care to try it out then head to your account. You can always opt out of it later.

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