Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15002 ISO images available now

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If you’re thinking of joining the Windows 10 Insider program, or you just want to do a clean install with an up to date version of Windows 10, the good news is Microsoft has released a new ISO image.

The image, for Build 15002, is available to all, and you can download it now. Build 15002 comes packed full of great new additions, including the ability to pause updates, new features for Edge, Cortana, Windows Ink and Windows Defender, smoother windows resizing, and more. If things go wrong you might even get to experience the new Green Screen of Death! (Hopefully not, but if you do then at least it will be a different color to curse at).


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Build 15002 isn’t the very latest build (that would be the just released Build 15007) but it comes with many of the features planned for the Creators Update.

In order to download it, you'll firstly need to join the Windows Insider Preview program, which you can do here.

Once signed up and logged in, go to this page to grab the download. Select the edition you require from the drop-down box, and click Confirm. Select the product language, and click Confirm for that. You can then choose a 32 or 64-bit download.

You’ll be able to install it on a PC, or in a virtual environment using VirtualBox.

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35 Responses to Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15002 ISO images available now

  1. Bob Grant says:

    Don't you just love using a constant beta (or sometimes alpha) release for your primary OS?

    I don't, which is why I'm sticking to Windows 7.

    • Captain555 says:

      Me too. I have W10 insider program installed on an extra laptop that I use only for testing.

    • Mike Lukic says:

      Yes I do !! That's why I had all insider versions since beginning. I have W7 too but as of recently it slid into 3rd place after W10 and LInux mint on my main computer.
      Beta testing can be interesting but it isn't just for anybody.

    • sn0wflake says:

      I don't get your point because if people want to opt out of updates then it's easy to go slow ring. I did that a year ago because I also got tired of updating 1-2 times per month. Since then I think I've updated maybe two times when a slow ring release appeared automatically in Windows Update.
      But you obviously have a problem with Windows 10 so you absolutely have to have something to complain about, even problems you cause yourself.

      • Bob Grant says:

        I have a VM on the slow ring that got borked because of a forced update... I had deferred it as long as the OS would allow, and it still force installed and destroyed the VM.

        Delaying updates doesn't fix the problem in many cases.

      • sn0wflake says:

        I think the main difference is that you like to tinker all the time with the OS. That's fine, but then I also see that Windows 10 isn't suited for you. I installed Windows 10 back in June 2015 and it's rock steady. Windows 8.x was also rock steady, but Windows 10 feels like it has an extra layer of protection. I have experience Windows 8.x crash very, very few times while "in" Windows (typically gaming and a crash is a total belly up reboot BSOD). I have never ever experienced Windows 10 crash while "in" Windows (terrible wording, I know). That is honestly why that I just sit back and wonder WTF people are talking about when they talk about crashes. It's not like I just use my PC some hours and then just put it to sleep in the night. I use my PC 24/7, i.e. it's always on, either browsing websites, gaming, streaming radio, etc. Heavy use all the time, and the damn OS just keeps working without a problem. If you have problems with the OS then the fault lies with you or it's just not your cup of tea. Sorry to say that.

      • Bob Grant says:

        It was a new install with no modifications or customizations apart from delaying that update... I was using it as a test to see what Microsoft domains the OS sends telemetry to, and whaddya know, it still killed the VM.

        Just did a fresh install of the OS in a VM last week, and let it update right from the start... Same update caused the same problem.

        Quit trying to make every problem caused by this OS 'user error'... It's Microsoft's error.

      • sn0wflake says:

        If you are so smart then how come you are the one with problems?

        PS: I answered this 8 hours later, on the same boot session. Give me a cookie and an enema because my Windows 10 hasn't crashed. I must be some kind of genius /sarcasm

      • Bob Grant says:

        I also have another VM that has absolutely no issues... You want to know the difference? The one that has issues has 4782MB of RAM, the one that works fine has 4096MB. Windows 10 apparently takes issue with non-standard RAM sizes in that update. (which is why I told it not to update)

        Unfortunately, I only have 2 VMs, so I have to throw in multiple tests per VM, and the non-standard RAM size is one that I picked for that VM. (now I know not to try it on my 'customized' VM)

        You aren't being smart by getting it to work, you're being stupid by thinking that Microsoft is infallible.

      • Fantasm says:

        The big problem is Microsoft thinking "one size fits all".
        There are literally millions of combinatons of hardware and software out there, and MS thinks one version of Windows will work with them all...

      • Fantasm says:

        " it's always on, either browsing websites, gaming, streaming radio, etc. Heavy use all the time"

        Heavy use?
        You could do all that on a $50 no name android tablet.... I know, because that's what I do on a cheap tablet...
        I use my computer for a lot more than that....

      • Adrian S says:

        windows 10 have crashed on me a few time while rendering a video, flipping annoying when you are closed to the end and it crashes. Windows 8.1 have only ever done it a couple of times, once was a memory problem, so hardware and the other time I am not sure about.

        Windows 10 certainly have an extra layer, an extra layer of spying

    • BoltmanLives says:

      Cool story Bob

  2. nimbus says:

    Did the happy guy in the stock photo just get windows to stop updating?

  3. barely_normal says:

    Got to give them props for doing this, so those who do want it can easily get it. Better than hiding it, like they usually do.

    • Ordeith says:

      > like they usually do.

      They often release .ISO images of builds. This is not new.

      • barely_normal says:

        The older Windows versions used to be available on Digital River, and they are gone now. Sure some are available on the MS website, but you have to provide a serial and jump through hoops to download. The serial I see a bit, but the hoops are unnecessary. [especially since cracked copies are so readily available]

        There are many other things which MS tends to hide, by way of not making them plainly available. It has been this way for over 20 years.

  4. D'Artagnan the Deplorable says:

    Please don't put 15002 in the Slow Ring!

    • Mike Lukic says:

      This is a build that got out thru cracks and was leaked couple of weeks ago so MS decided to let it out before it's time. 15007 was real target. List of bugs is pretty long so I would suggest skipping to 15007 instead.
      Update switch to UUP is very troublesome still. It's supposed to bring 1GB smaller downloads but it takes long time to find out what is supposed to be updated. It takes too long time and it's difficult to make ISO usual way.
      Simple registry hack gets old way updates back.
      Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>WindowsUpdate>Orchestrator
      DWORD: EnableUUPScan

      Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>WindowsUpdate
      DWORD: SupportsUUP

  5. RejZoR says:

    So many big updates and Windows Update is still a garbage of a mess. How can a multi-billion company not get something they already have done right, right again? It's beyond baffling.

    • John Chhouk says:

      Because new is more important than whether or not things actually work and are stable.

    • sn0wflake says:

      I am honestly wondering how you can have so many problems with Windows. Serious question; are you retarded? It's okay with me if you are.

  6. Bryan Mills says:

    Windows Insider fast ring is really "alpha" software and slow ring is "beta" software. Microsoft releases this to the public so they don't have to pay testers anymore. Don't bother unless you're going to run it in Virtualbox or a spare PC for testing OSs. You will be disappointed if you try to make this your primary OS.

  7. tom says:

    build 15007 is out now installed it yesterday...

  8. johnusa says:

    I always use Classic Shell start menu and starting with Build 15002 when
    I go to Personalize/Themes I no longer see "Desktop Icon Settings" so I
    can customize my desktop icons. It is completely absent.
    Has this happened to you as well?
    Please share here.
    I think Microsoft is playing naughty again.

  9. nilst2011 says:

    sn0wflake = BoltmanLives ----> TROLLS !

  10. BFeely says:

    If you have a NVIDIA card and are using BIOS/legacy boot, the BSOD may still be blue.

  11. BoltmanLives says:

    In doing the 15002 on my 950 and its awesome

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