Wow! Massive Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 arrives on Fast ring -- and it's a doozy!

Happy man on laptop

The holidays are over, and so it’s time for a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build to hit the Fast ring.

While we’ve been waiting for Microsoft to find a build that’s considered safe, and stable enough for testers to try, there have been a couple of leaked releases -- 14997 and 15002. Installing either of those was not without its risks, but the big news is if you’re a good Insider and have been waiting patiently for an official build, the wait is over. And boy, has Microsoft got a treat for us with this release.


The software giant has selected Build 15002 for the Fast ring, and this is a huge update, delivering a ton of new features, some of which we’ve covered previously from the leaked versions, including the new GSOD (Green Screen of Death), and the ability to pause updates for up to 35 days (on Pro, Education and Enterprise editions).

The full list of changes is very long, and probably not fully exhaustive either, but here’s what you can look forward to.

Microsoft Edge changes

Microsoft's browser isn’t making much headway in its battle with Firefox and Chrome, but this new build introduces a lot of improvements to it.

There’s a new tab preview bar, which makes it easier to find the tab you want, and the ability to set tabs aside, so you can come back to them later.

You can now launch new browser windows (regular and InPrivate) from the Edge taskbar icon and, as we mentioned previously, Flash has been made click-to-run.

Edge also gains preview support for the new Payment Request API so sites can use payment and shipping preferences stored in Microsoft Wallet. You can’t actually buy anything using this at this moment though.

Start Improvements

In this new build you can now group Start tiles into folders, which is a great idea. The process of creating a group is the same as in iOS -- just drag one tile on top of another.

The Windows Share experience has been redesigned too, including introducing 'ads' to the window

OneNote 2016’s screenshot feature is now available in Windows 10, and there’s improved high-DPI support for desktop apps, which is a very welcome addition for those of us with large, high-resolution screens.

Window resizing is smoother now, and there have been improvements made to icon placement and scaling. VPN access has been made easier, and there’s now lunar calendar support for the Taskbar. I can hear you shouting 'Hooray' from here.

Cortana Improvements

What would a new Insider build be without changes and improvements to Cortana? In this build, discovery of Cortana’s app-specific commands has been made easier, there are more recurrence options for reminders, and the keyboard shortcut for invoking Cortana has changed to Win+C, which makes sense.

Windows Ink Improvements

For those of you who like scribbling in Windows (that includes me), Microsoft has introduced some improvements to the Windows Ink Workspace. The pen, pencil and highlighter now show which color is selected, and there’s the option to erase some of an ink stroke, rather than all of it.

Windows Defender Improvements

Windows Defender was given an app-makeover in the last build, and in this release there are new options to run quick, advanced and full scans, new device performance and health scans, and other changes. There’s also a Refresh Windows on demand option available to run directly from Defender should things start to go really bad.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Microsoft has made it easier to set up Windows 10, there are various Narrator improvements, and the introduction of Braille support in this build.

Settings has been made easier and faster to navigate, device settings have been updated, there are new display settings, and a lower blue light feature which will make using Windows at night more comfortable on the eyes.

There’s metered Ethernet connection support, and improvements to the precision touchpad experience.

Windows Personalization supports recent colors, and theme management is now available in Settings.

There are other changes to updates besides simply being able to pause them -- Windows 10 won’t attempt to install an update if it detects you’re using your PC for something like projecting the screen -- and you can decide whether or not to include driver updates when you update Windows.

Other changes, improvements, and fixes for PC include:

  • The 3D Builder app has been moved to the "Windows Accessories" folder on Start.
  • Fixed an issue where the display brightness keys on some devices weren’t working as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the display may stay black after resuming from sleep if a USB display is connected.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an app that uses the camera, such as the Camera app, would sometimes result in a bugcheck.
  • Fixed a crash in the RPCSS service which in turn was resulting in some Insiders experiencing CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED bugchecks on recent builds.
  • Fixed an issue for touch keyboards sometimes requiring multiple clicks to invoke on non-touch PCs.
  • Fixed an issue where Disk Cleanup would sometimes unexpectedly show 3.99TB worth of Windows Update Cleanup files.
  • Microsoft has updated its logic so if the Microsoft Edge window is narrow and Cortana has a tip, Cortana will only appear as an icon in the address bar.
  • Updated tooltips for the Microsoft Edge favorites bar to wrap around for longer website names rather than truncate.
  • Fixed an issue where Touchpad settings page via Settings > Devices > Touchpad wasn’t displaying an icon next to its name in the navigation pane.
  • Fixed an issue that may have resulted in a recent drop in Action Center reliability for Insiders.
  • Updated the Speaker Properties dialog to now allow you to configure Spatial Audio for different endpoints. If the current playback device has Spatial Audio enabled, the volume icon in the notification area will now indicate this.
  • Made some tweaks to the backend for how users connect to devices, such as Miracast displays and other PCs. Use the Connect UI (WIN+K) as you normally would, and file feedback if you encounter any issues.
  • Removed the rerouting of mspaint.exe to Paint 3D.
  • Fixed an issue Insiders may have experienced on recent builds where navigating to OneDrive folders could unexpectedly result in popup saying there had been a "Catastrophic Error".
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a Visual Studio crash when trying to open, add, or save a file.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders using PCs with certain older chipsets from seeing colored boxes in the place of text and various other UI in UWPs apps.
  • When you use Miracast to a device that supports input (for example, an Actiontec Screenbeam or Miracast-enabled Windows 10 PC), you will now see a toast notification to help you enable input (touch, keyboard, etc) on that device.
  • Fixed an issue where the Home and End keys were unexpectedly not working in certain Settings pages, for example "Apps & features".
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some progress indicators in UWP apps to appear to wobble or glitch.

Known issues for PC include:

  • Opening Battery settings page via Settings > System > Battery will crash the Settings app.
  • The option to enable the Virtual Touchpad is missing from the taskbar context menu.
  • Cortana’s cross-device scenarios won’t work on this build (including notification mirroring, missed call, share photos, share directions, low battery, and find my phone).
  • Some websites in Microsoft Edge may unexpectedly show "We can’t reach this page". If you encounter this, please try accessing the site from an InPrivate tab.
  • Dragging apps from the all apps list to pin on Start’s tile grid won’t work. For now, right-click on the desired app in order to pin it.
  • Using CTRL + C to copy in Command Prompt won’t work.
  • When projecting to a secondary monitor, if you set the connection to "Extended", Explorer.exe may start crashing in a loop. If this happens, turn off your PC, disconnect the secondary monitor, then restart your PC.
  • The touch keyboard button may be unexpectedly missing from the taskbar. If this happens, open the taskbar context menu, and select "Show touch keyboard button".
  • You may see an error from Windows Hello saying “Couldn’t turn on the camera” on the lock screen.
  • Brightness changes made via Settings > System > Display will unexpectedly revert after closing the Settings app. For now, use either Action Center, power flyout or brightness keys to change the brightness
  • The list of apps in the Surface Dial "Add an app" page via Settings > Devices > Wheel may unexpectedly be empty. If that happens, tap the "Browse for an app" button at the bottom of the screen to pick the desired app instead.
  • Miracast sessions will fail to connect.
  • The Netflix app may display a black screen rather than the expected video content. As a workaround, you can use Microsoft Edge to watch video content from Netflix.
  • On certain hardware types (e.g.: Acer Aspire), the Netflix app crashes when starting a movie.
  • 3rd party UWP apps would crash on devices if the DPI settings on the machine are >=150 percent.
  • If you upgrade from Windows 8.1 directly to Build 15002, all your store apps are lost during upgrade process but you can go and re-download all the lost apps from the Store.
  • When using Microsoft Edge with Narrator, you may hear "no item in view" or silence while tabbing or using other navigation commands. You can use Alt + Tab when this happens to move focus away from and back to the Edge browser. Narrator will then read as expected.
  • Saying “Hey Cortana, play <item> on <AppName>” doesn’t work immediately after installing the app. Wait 5 minutes for indexing to begin and try again.

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126 Responses to Wow! Massive Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 arrives on Fast ring -- and it's a doozy!

  1. Captain555 says:

    Something to do for next week-end.

  2. psycros says:

    Nice to see Windows 10 is almost out of beta. Too bad they aren't addressing the biggest problem - the completely backwards UI.

    • Kyle Morrison says:

      Have you used Windows 10 because you sound like you don't know what you are talking about.

      • m1ssblinky says:

        The same could be asked of you.

      • Kyle Morrison says:

        Please explain to me how the UI is backwards then.

      • m1ssblinky says:

        Put it beside Windows 7 and tell me you don't notice the difference.One of the ui's is alive,the other is flat.One is vibrant,the other has colors but they hurt your eyes.One makes good use of the available space,the other has massive empty spaces with giant icons.Half of the start menu is dedicated to big ugly Tiles that nobody uses.

      • Kyle Morrison says:

        Because you prefer the dated look of Win7 does not mean that the UI is backwards. What is this nonsense about colors that hurt your eyes? Also, the tiles are only in the start menu and can be removed. There is no "empty space" and the window management of Win10 is far superior to Win7. Win10 is basically the good things that Win8 had plus everything that made Win7 great. You obviously don't know what you are talking about.

      • m1ssblinky says:

        You obviously have no clue what you are talking about.I gave you what you asked for,and all you did is fire back with personal opinions.Sorry you lose.

      • Kyle Morrison says:

        Actually all you did was come back with personal opinion. You said half truths and incorrectly talked about how the OS works.

      • m1ssblinky says:

        You asked me for my personal opinion ha!

      • Kyle Morrison says:

        "Please explain to me how the UI is backwards then."
        You really think that is asking for an opinion?

      • m1ssblinky says:

        Yes,I do.

      • Kyle Morrison says:

        Well, I guess that explains your thought process.

      • Fantasm says:

        "Because you prefer the dated look of Win7 "
        You do know that the Metro / Modern UI is based on styles and font from the 1950's or so ?
        Thats about as dated as you can get...

      • Johnny Number 5 says:

        well I was born int he 70s, and I didn't use any of the computers from the 1950's or so. I had no idea it was stylish and 'retro'. Hell, like most ignorant youth are in their time, I thought computers were about as new as I was. You learn something new every day.

      • barely_normal says:

        Dated? You show with that comment your state of delusion.

      • Pecan says:

        My landlord has macular degeneration and he is most indignant that this "horrible" OS "just appeared" on his laptop (MS forced-install of 10, obviously).
        Mind you, he's only 77 so too young for your definition ;-)

      • Fantasm says:

        The UI is using a limited colour pallette more suited to the days of EGA or early VGA cards. Possiblly to attract small toddlers...
        The actual design of the Metro UI is over 60 years old...Early glimpses of this style could be seen in Windows Media Center for Windows XP Media Center Edition
        Even AOL brought out a similar styyle back in the 1990's and joking comparisons to it and windows 8/W10 are still a fun meme on the Internet, usually captioned "Those who don't remember histroy are condemned to repeat it" or to that effect...
        The simplistic monochrome icons look like they were designed by the people who design pictographic road signs so the illiterate can drive...
        Added up, that's about as backwards a UI as you can get short of cutting it back to Black and White or a Green CRT monitor look...

      • barely_normal says:

        A desktop picture with showing of a crappy menu is not really representative...

      • Kyle Morrison says:

        I know not to read comments on this site now. I don't understand why you guys hate Microsoft so much. Maybe you just hate change.

      • barely_normal says:

        I have always liked Microsoft products, until the stupidity of Windows 8. Every other version, since DOS 3.3, I was among the first adopters. I stood outside at midnite in line to get Windows 95, so I hardly am against change. Change for no apparent reason, and regression, is what I hate.

      • Pecan says:

        The simplistic monochrome icons WERE designed to look like pictographic subway/underground signs, hence the name 'metro'.

      • barely_normal says:

        Almost all sentient beings don't like the UI of Windows Last. The difference is acceptance. Some see resistance as futile [perhaps it should be called "Windows: Borg Edition"] and others will continue to complain, much to the chagrin of Microsoft.

    • anchovylover says:

      Come now psycros. The UI can be configured to suit MOST users. W10 has developed in general to be a pretty decent OS. Just stay with an earlier OS if you don't like it, you're free to do so if you wish.

      • JohnnyL says:

        More than 50% of the market *is* staying with an "earlier OS". That's a problem for MS since 10 is stuck at around 24%, and one they can either address, or just let 10 stagnate and continue to be ignored with these meaningless new marketing features.

      • anchovylover says:

        Yes, I openly accept the past four months have been rough on W10 adoption. Jan will give it a boost and you would expect business to start migrating in numbers this year also. I also accept it will be slow growth but growth still the same.

      • m1ssblinky says:

        And why will January give it a boost? because of Christmas? most of the gifted devices were counted before the calendar flipped.

      • Ordeith says:

        Are you really that dumb?

      • m1ssblinky says:

        Are you?

      • barely_normal says:

        You appear to be the delusional one, or purposefully obtuse.

      • Ordeith says:

        Or the only one here with any sense.
        Did you fail math too?

      • barely_normal says:

        Got "A" in both semesters of calculus I took. How about you?

      • Ordeith says:


        I guess if you don't use it you lose it. You've apparently lost it.

      • anchovylover says:

        Boxing day sales, End of Year sales, New Year sales, Gift Vouchers being used. There are a number of reasons why Jan should provide a bump. It's only one month though and Feb/March will provide a clearer view.

      • Ordeith says:

        That... And the numbers are an average for the month. The 6 days after Christmas won't have much of an impact when averaged with the other 25 days of December.

      • barely_normal says:

        I wouldn't look for that until the extended support of Windows 7 ends, and then, the businesses will move to Windows 8.1, with some of the BS ameliorated by third party items, available free or at very small cost.

      • anchovylover says:

        Do you believe business will wait that long? Seems rather risky to me. Why do you think business will actively avoid W10?

      • barely_normal says:

        Because it is constantly having problems, and as someone who works in the field, and deals with businesses, the last thing most small businesses [my experience is exclusively with businesses of less than 200 seats] want is something where they ask the IT guy [me] and he says it won't necessarily get better any time soon, and there is NO schedule for fixes, and as surely as night follows day, there will be new problems.

      • Pecan says:

        On the other side - large enterprises - I'm predicting a big take-up of 10 later this year. Win 8 came out 4 years ago so even on the conservative end of a 3 - 5 year refresh cycle it's getting "time". A lot of the consumer problems with 10 are also absent in Enterprise edition. Having said that, not many enterprises are keen on the change. it's just politically easier to stick with MS. Meanwhile many enterprise power-users and senior directors/execs (who like to pretend they're power-users) will take the opportunity to switch to Apple and the more technical to Linux, if they haven't already. Those are the ones that get to choose their own tools but are not really a statistically-significant percentage of the total install-base. (All this only applies to desktop).

        As I've said before:
        Apple on the bridge, Linux in the engine-room. First class passengers Apple, stowage Windows.

      • barely_normal says:

        With the last 3 revisions from Intel bringing not much performance difference, I am betting that we will see considerably less replacement than EVER before. Even if AMD once again kicks ass with Ryzen, we still have to make certain AMD can fill the supply pipeline, and, even so, parity with Intel at a lower price will only change those already wanting to upgrade performance.

        While you are somewhat correct about Enterprise edition, those using it already have the ability to keep what they have, and keep their employees from ANY change in look and feel, until such time there is proof that Windows last is in any way more protective of the idiots using the computers. [For most enterprises, I should think the common problems of home or small business users are eliminated due to precautions taken by a full-time IT department.]

      • anchovylover says:

        Is it though? Is W10 constantly having problems or is that just the perception out there? I will concede to your experience however I see no point in moving to W8.1 as it only adds three years to the real issue.

      • OldOne5 says:

        As said in 2012. As said in 2013. As said in 2014. As said in 2015. As said in 2016. Kill metrocr4p/uwpcr4p, kill tiles, kill telemetry spyware and adware groud up from API, and try again.

      • anchovylover says:

        I agree with killing the tiles and thankfully is is simple to do so if you want which by my experience removes all of the ads/ app suggestions. W10 in appearance is much softer than the original disgusting W8 Metro. Change telemetry to basic and assuming you trust MS they only gather non identifying OS performance data. I think you are over reacting.

      • Johnny Number 5 says:

        I like your name anchovy lover

      • Ordeith says:

        You say "stuck". Yet Windows 10 continues to grow at a faster rate than any other available OS. Is everyone similarly "stuck"?

      • barely_normal says:

        You use the same pitiful comparison that has been used for decades now, all because Gates was an astute businessman. I never said he wasn't, but I know his solutions have not always been the best, and since he stepped away, and the junior team took over, the problems have worsened.

        The sad thing is that they are so invested in this BS that there will be no going back for some time, and when they change [if they change?] it may be too late. Google and others are doing their best to show that most people do not need a real computer, capable of general purpose computing, and Microsoft is helping people make the easy choice to dump what they no longer like.

      • Ordeith says:

        Google is doing its best to enslave the world and lock them into a world of constant and continuous surveillance, profiling, and psychological warfare.

        They may just succeed. There seen to be plenty of weak minded individuals out there that are all too happy to delude themselves into supporting Google's end game.

      • async2013 says:

        "Microsoft is doing its best to enslave the world and lock them into a world of constant and continuous surveillance, profiling, and psychological warfare.

        They may just succeed. There seen to be plenty of weak minded individuals out there that are all too happy to delude themselves into supporting Microsoft's end game."


        You know once you get it into your miniscule brain capacity that they are all as bad as each other then and only then will you be able to hold any high ground and stand up for yourself instead of bending over and taking it like sadnads trooper that you are.

        You are typical of someone who will only realise what you've lost when it is actually gone. You'll be glad there's people around these parts that have the foresight to see what is actually going on and our heads aren't ruled by blatant corporate love. Pathetic

      • Ordeith says:

        False. No one is as bad, as dependent on data harvesting, or as far reaching as Google. No one.

        People with foresight don't champion for Google.


      • Ordeith says:

        Why are you sweating it so hard then? If Windows 10 was being ignored you wouldn't be squirting tears into pillows every time it comes up.

    • Sphar says:

      Yep, Win10 is perpetual BETA dog food. The modern monochrome UI will soon have win32 deprecated, control panel, file explorer will all sport a depressing colorless UI. At least win7 on my pavillion laptop at home cheers me up, and runs way faster than win10 ever could.

      • OldOne5 says:

        The sad thing is that powerful and complex API is needed to have the system up and running.

        Banning an API because it is powerful and complex won't fix a single security issue, as most powerful and complex part of the code will still be here to make the (cr)app run, and it will be BOTH targeted by virus writers AND unavailable to legitimate developers.

        The "lite API" security model (strip powerful and complex function form the API exposed to developers) is a myth and has widely been debunked in real world.
        As examples in real world we have some of the of major security nightmares ever deployed, Java VM, Flash, and Vista's Gadgets.
        Dangerous features stripped as possible ground up, managed code, sanboxed environment, up to running in dedicated virtual machine: you can have all those best practices implemented but the code to actually run any of those nice things will still be here, will still be attacked, and will be still a security nightmare; moreover, every layer of complexity you put in increase the code-base you need to audit and keep secure, thus increasing the attack surface.

    • infekt_me says:

      The new update to Metro... Neon should address this issue. Aero looks to becoming back as well.

    • Adrian S says:

      it have a long way to get out of beta.

    • Joe O Sullivan says:

      Maybe so, but it's a hell of a lot better than the windows (not Windows) they have for Event Viewer, Gpedit, Services, etc..

  3. Steven Schoening says:

    it's a POS build and no ISO's should be released with this many problems

    • barely_normal says:

      Continuous problems make those using it stronger...isn't that the current theory?

    • infekt_me says:


      Its not meant for production but its been the most stable of the fast ring though with some minor annoyances.

      1. They still have not resolved the issue with the micro SD card. For the last four updates now if you have a micro sd card in your device it stops updating and hangs at 23%. Yes, its not show stopping but its still equally frustrating I need to remove it.

      2. Edge is usable again but the constant not responding gets annoying. It only last a few extra seconds but still annoying.

      3. Photos is working again as well.

      4. Also fixed an issue where an app called album releases just kept failing but with this build it works.

      5. Tab preview and save all tabs to a corner is a pretty nice feature.

      6. I believe its been there a while but finally you can export your favorites on Edge, why it took so long to add this back is anyone's guess.

      7. Battery life seems to have improved on my SP3

  4. MadMartigan says:

    Region-capture (from OneNote) is now a default feature in this latest build. (Replaces OneNote 2016's version if you have it)

    High DPI app scaling as many features - the author is right - it'd be hard to list them all.

  5. MyDisqussion says:

    Hmm, I like that title "Start Improvments." It may take a while to get the giant rolling....

  6. JohnnyL says:

    "Hey Cortana, Uninstall Yourself"

    Wake me up when that's possible.

  7. Order_66 says:

    Wow what a load of trash windows 10 has become, just when you thought this OS couldn't get any worse.

    • JohnnyL says:

      Where's your faith?

      I, for one, had complete faith that 10 would only continue to get worse.

  8. Farms says:

    Nice to see my friend Ordeith not pop up and reply to any comments today .

  9. D'Artagnan the Deplorable says:

    Hosed my testbed laptop. Multiple instances of the same driver showing up in Device Manager with many drivers unable to load due to lack of resources. Could not even Shut Down, just went to a blank screen and had to force with power button. Rolling back.

    • realDonaldTrump says:

      This build shouldn't be installed on any computer outside of Microsoft's internal testing labs.

    • nvic says:

      Hosed a test VM for me. Mouse wouldn't work, explorer kept crashing regularly (no second's a VM), and a ton of broken devices in the device manager. Restored snapshot...

  10. realDonaldTrump says:

    This build is too buggy to be on the fast ring.

    • Kyle Morrison says:

      What issues have you run into?

      • realDonaldTrump says:

        Did a clean install on my SP 3. Got random screens of death during install. I finally got it to install after several attempts. I'm still getting screens of death when watching streaming video in Edge or running games. Sometimes they happen when starting the game other times they'll happen at some point during the game, but there's no consistent pattern.

      • Pecan says:

        If your SODs green it's working as intended ^^

  11. Thomas Lake says:

    I lost most of my Edge favorites when I upgraded to 15002. :(

  12. m1ssblinky says:

    Is the lowest Telemetry setting still basic? if it is,it really doesn't matter what other improvements they made.

  13. Adrian S says:

    I do not like this cortana integration, give people a choice and allow us to get rid of cortana well and truly without going through hoops to break it. I can see it coming that we will need a MS account to use windows 10.

    • anchovylover says:

      I performed a custom install and completely neutered Cortana. It was quite simple and wouldn't describe it as jumping through hoops. I also changed search to only search local instead of web. No more Cortana, not perfect but I literally NEVER get hassled by Cortana. I also did the same with One Drive and even removed the link from Explorer. I NEVER get bothered by One Drive. Custom install is the key.

      • Pecan says:

        Did you manage to avoid installing them at all, delete them once installed or just disable them but still have them clogging-up the system as part of the cr'app'load of bloat?

      • anchovylover says:

        I don't think it is possible to uninstall them. That's why i described it " neutered " in my post. I have little doubt they are still lurking deep in the background.

      • Adrian S says:

        look in task manager and see how well you neutered Cortana, you will it is still running in the background.
        I do not use the search in the taskbar, I have hidden, it, I do use search in windows Explorer sometimes to find something on a drive.

        I never get bothered with one drive either and I am not saying anyone gets bothered by cortana, but there have to be a reason for it to keep running in the background.

      • anchovylover says:

        As I stated it's not perfect solution. I don't know why Cortana still runs in the background. I use Android and a few Google services fully aware of the trade off and I guess I view W10 the same.

      • Adrian S says:

        i have an Android phone, but i use that in a different way than i use my computer, i do not store important stuff on my phone, but i do store important stuff on my computer.
        I do not need a Android based phone, I can get a normal phone that just does calls and text, ok I can do without a computer, it is not a life or death thing, but I can not do my hobby without one and as people know there are a lot of stuff that is done online these days.

      • anchovylover says:

        Actually, I seem to recall you and I discussing this in the past. We both use our phones in similar ways in that we never divulge personal info such as credit card number on them. We are a dying breed my friend.

      • Adrian S says:

        I know and that is sad to be honest, people seems to be so quick to send any info to anyone.
        i did use Google pay for for a week, just to try it out, but I do not now, my card is now not on their system and I have uninstalled Google pay, anyway in March I have a new card.

        i do not even use my phone to take photos that often and if i do location is switch off.l

      • anchovylover says:

        Yeah, I have location off to save on battery. Only turn it on for Maps pretty much.

      • Adrian S says:

        Location is switch off on my phone as well, I know where I am, I do not need a phone to tell me.

    • John Chhouk says:

      Long time no comment my friend anyway there is a big difference between finding a way around a problem and actually fixing it. Microsoft wants to do the latter.

      The ability to delay update is great but that doesn't really underlying issues what is the issue of allowing people to say no and turn things off?

      Also just from a human standpoint is pushing out these builds every few months to a year might be asking too much. They can barely keep as is and is without messing about with "new features " that don't matter. What do you think?

      • Adrian S says:

        Hope you ok, yes I agree with what you post. I am fed with Microsoft having too much control over the Os and thinking that we are all stupid and need to have Microsoft holding our hand all the time.

      • John Chhouk says:

        Here's the thing I don't mind you being in control of updates the only thing I ask for is that you know what the bleep you are doing. New features don't mean a thing if you regularly can't fix things properly and it would help they stop abusing their updating systems and making do things that it was never meant or designed for.
        I have a simple answer have a slightly tweaked support model depending on the device. Like a rolling release model for phone since they have control over the phone hardware and a support model similar to what Microsoft had before for desktops before they got pushy; and major system upgrades aka builds for desktops should happen every 3 to5 years considering it will give them more time to properly fix issues and most devices are upgraded once maybe twice in their lifetime. What do you think?

      • Adrian S says:

        i have no problems with security updates or updates to fix bugs,k i do have a problem when these updates are used to push more spyware on to the Os or to change settings we have set to stop these spyware or data being sent out. I also hate it that with every large update, Ms changes something, adds something or take something out.
        Would it have not been a good idea to get all the features working before launch?
        i want an Os that is just an OS, I do not want cortana, i do not to use any of Microsoft services, I do not need a 3D paint package.
        If Ms wants to add them, then allow people that choice, not just stick them on

  14. barely_normal says:

    I'll start paying attention when there is NO report of KNOWN PROBLEMS. That indicates, to the sentient, that it is not ready for wide usage, and there has not been enough work on the product.

    Also, something that puts up ads should be severely discounted, and though there might be no large problems, if ads are included, it should not sell for more than $39.99.

    • Pecan says:

      It's a fast-ring release. That's the risk-taking insider fanbois who gotta hav ti. Won't be pushed to (barely) normal users until they've fixed ... the SOD colour.

  15. rybo1 says:

    Nothing that's appealing to me.

  16. Richard Saunders says:

    Modern refers to the period of time after the medieval period ended, or roughly since the 16th century onward, marked by the fall of Constantinople, the end of the Roman Empire, and the beginning of the European Renaissance.

  17. barely_normal says:

    I'm guessing that "doozy" is now being used in polite company so that any explanation of the acronym FUBAR is unnecessary.

  18. async2013 says:

    Wow! Massive list of fails. Which idiot let this out of the door?

  19. guru_v says:

    I take it you never learned how to change the desktop wallpaper in Windows 7...

  20. tasburath says:

    The known issues list is almost as long as the new features list.

    • Fantasm says:

      " all your store apps are lost during upgrade process "
      I'm not sure if this one should be listed as a "bug" or a "feature" ...LOL

  21. nilst2011 says:

    Windows 10 is a load of bullshit, just as 8.x !

  22. xriverrat says:

    It got to 90% and then stopped and tried to start over..

  23. M S i N Lund says:


    4 (FOUR !) new default colors for your pinned apps!

    * Salmon grey
    * Puss pink
    * Pea soup
    * Hot beige

  24. John Marsh says:

    15002 doesn't install!

  25. Bryan says:

    All these people complaining about the product have no credibility. If you don't like it don't use it. Calling it a piece of crap all the while you continue to use, especially as an insider version, it makes absolutely no sense because all it says is there is nothing else out there better. Which means it is not a piece of crap, it's the best thing available. Those of use who have Win7 at work and Win10 at home and prefer Win10 also show it is not a piece of crap.

    • Fantasm says:

      "Those of us who have Win7 at work and Win10 at home and prefer Win10 also show it is not a piece of crap."
      Those of us who have both Windows 10 and Windows 7 and prefer Windows 7, show that it is a piece of crap.
      " So stop filling message boards with unsubstantiated harassment of the product "
      So are we only supposed to post messages praising Windows 10?
      The fact is, you're calling it the "best thing availabale" without offereing proof,. so your statments are also unsubstantiated..
      See, it works both ways.
      The fact is, most of us who don't like Windows 10 have tried it, actually did want it to succeed after the fiasco of Windows 8 and were hoping for a decent version this time around. Yet we were let down upon finding out that it has many many flaws. Each new release seems to fix some (but not all) past problems at the expense of creating new ones.

      • Bryan says:

        Fair point, I was trying to emphasize it is only an opinion because other information shows others like it (their opinion). But I didn't state that clearly. Stating WHY you don't like it, and I don't mean colors or things you can hide, is useful and helpful for those that are wondering if they should upgrade or not. Just saying it is crap or worthless or a simple negative adjective without real reasons others can relate too helps no one and only fills space and crowds out the useful information from other users. For instance when Win8 forced you to use tiles and made you dig to find the desktop every time you restarted is an example of a good reason that can help others make a decision; rather than tiles look ugly and it is crap.

  26. Bob Fink says:

    Two questions, is the slideshow function for photo viewer ever going to be fixed? Also the search function in file explorer using wild card like *.rar does not work.

  27. Radek Rutkowski says:

    The desktop indeed looks nice. The problem is when you start opening various windows - Settings, Control Panel, Media Player etc. It just looks like a huge mess.

  28. Mihăiță Bamburic says:

    Here's the thing. There's a word filter in place, so if you want your comments to get automatically approved, try using nicer words :)

  29. Linuxmaster says:

    wow people still use windows after Vista

  30. Ric Byum says:

    This looks like the nicest build in since before the holidays !

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