New CRM product integrates with Outlook to boost productivity


Legacy CRM suites often involve slow, cumbersome interfaces, are frustrating for users and consequently don't achieve wide adoption. According to a Forrester survey, 47 percent of respondents encounter user adoption struggles when implementing their CRM initiative.

CRM specialist Insightly is launching the latest version of its product with deep Microsoft Outlook integration, as well as a redesigned technical architecture and user interface to help sales teams in mid-sized businesses improve their productivity.

Users can view contact details and account history from Insightly CRM directly in their Outlook inbox prior to contacting prospects or customers, and then automatically link those emails to their contacts or opportunities for future reference. There's an Insightly Outlook toolbar which lets users not only save emails, but also pull Insightly email templates into their compose screen, schedule their email outreach and track emails to see if, where and when a prospect opens the note.

The latest Insightly CRM also allows users to access and alter record details without clicking away from their broader search results. It also offers up to 10X faster retrieval for contacts and other records, real time notifications appear directly in the web app rather than email and a new 'Kanban' view option displays records as cards.

It offers integrated telephony too, so users can dial customers directly from within Insightly using VOIP. It can log, track and analyze call data to determine trends such as call length and frequency.

Insightly now integrates with tools like OneLogin, Auth0 or Okta, allowing enterprises with hundreds of users to control who has access to different software applications and allow them to share a single login.

"Insightly is the only CRM suite that provides integrated email templates, scheduling and tracking for Microsoft Outlook users," says Anthony Smith, founder and CEO of Insightly. "Our existing integration with Gmail has contributed to our popularity, but as we increase our adoption among midsize enterprises it is important we build deeper integrations around ecosystems such as Microsoft Outlook which are preferred by many of these larger businesses."

More information on the latest release can be found on the Insightly website.

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