LastPass raises Premium price by $1 and entitled users ridiculously freak out


Whether or not password managers are a good idea is up for debate. I understand the concerns about storing all of your login credentials in a single place -- in the cloud no less. With that said, the benefits outweigh the negatives. Look, it is impossible to remember a unique password for countless web sites nowadays. One alternative to a password manager is reusing the same password on numerous sites, and that is foolish behavior. Right now, a solution like LastPass or 1Password is the best we have, and I suggest it wholeheartedly.

LastPass in particular is great, as it is free to use and is cross-platform. It even works on Linux desktop operating systems such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and Chrome OS. For a single dollar every month, you can opt for a premium account that supports the developer and gives you a few exclusive features. Well, guess what? LastPass is doubling the monthly fee for the Premium tier from one dollar to two. Yes, rather than $12 a year, it is now $24. Still extremely inexpensive, right? No one would complain about that, right? Wrong. Many LastPass users are stupidly complaining.


"At LastPass, we’re always working to make our password manager easier to use, more intuitive, and most importantly, keep your personal information safe. Following the big news about our improved user experience and LastPass Families, today we’re announcing a new pricing and packaging update to the personal lineup of products," says LastPass.

The company further says, "LastPass Premium is now available for $24 per year and includes all the features in Free, plus emergency access, the ability to share single passwords and items with multiple people, priority tech support, advanced multi-factor authentication, LastPass for applications, and 1GB of encrypted file storage."

Don't need the Premium features? You can use a free account; no harm no foul. Even if you don't use those added features, two bucks a month to support the company is negligible. It seems some entitled LastPass users don't like the concept of supporting a company, however. Here are just some of the nasty complaints being left on the LastPass Facebook page.

  • Chris Benard You are DOUBLING the price we've been paying??? With no reference to grandfathering and no reference to doubling the price??
  • Paul Toal ANNOYED!! Premium price doubled but no real additional benefit. Thanks for recognising and rewarding our loyal customer base, NOT!!!
  • Stefano Comelli I've subscribed Premium years ago to have features that you subsequently granted to free. Now you double the Premium Fee for small features I don't need. I will switch to free or switch to alternative... Disappointed
  • Stanislas Khider I' subscribed Premium years ago. I'm flabbergasted that those features are now for free account and that you double the charge for almost nothing interesting.
    If I remain user of the solution this will be for free. You lost 12€/years. I certainly will not be the last to do that.
  • Alex Pasternak This is a slap in the face of paying customers like me. I know others have said it, but I want to join them. You're not grandfathering existing customers, and are making us pay double for features we didn't ask for. 1Password seemed much more expensive before, not so much now. Time to reconsider alternatives. I hope the bad press (I learned about it from The Verge, not you) and pissed off loyal customers was worth the extra $.
  • John Apel I've been using LastPass Premium for a number of years now and I always felt $12 a year was worth it. But now, at double the price, I'm going to have to reconsider. I'm certainly going to be shopping around for a new password manager app now. I can't believe you won't at least grandfather current customers into the same prices. Bad.

Think about this for a moment, folks. LastPass is securing all of your login credentials for free, and for a measly two dollars every month, you can support the company and make sure it stays in business and has the funds needed to do things like hire competent employees to make sure the service runs well. Two friggin' dollars. To complain about the cost is just asinine.

The company that secures your online life is "doubling" the optional fee to two dollars and users are threatening to leave or switch to a competitor? Calling it "a slap in the face?" Really? I am not sure if people understand how the world works, but nothing in life is free. LastPass and every other company needs to make money to keep services running. If you can't spend $24 a year for what might be the most important service you use, what the heck will you pay for?

What do you think about people complaining about a one dollar monthly fee increase? Are they correct to argue or are they simply being unreasonable? Sound off in the comments below.

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