Yes, you will pay $1,000+ for the new iPhone

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Some tech pundits are living on a different planet, because why else would they question whether consumers will spend $1,000+ on the new iPhone X? Even Barclays got in on this, making the absurd claim that Apple needs to sweeten the deal to get people interested. Are you kidding me?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, a $1,000 iPhone is not out of this world. Apple sells the top-tier iPhone 7 Plus for $969, and I find it really, really hard to believe that the company will hesitate to cross the $1,000 mark with this completely new flagship.

Tech pundits may forget this, but Apple is in the business of selling expensive smartphones. Its mission is not to stroke their egos. When Apple wants to bump up the price of a smartphone it does not look at what the so-called experts are saying. It just does it, and people accept it.

Despite pundits calling the iPhone overpriced, Apple's smartphones have been selling like hotcakes for years, despite being significantly more expensive than many high-end phones. People love iPhones, proof being that they wipe the floor with the competition just about every quarter. And that is even when they're basically a generation behind.

This new iPhone that we are talking about is not your run of the mill iPhone. It's a completely new device, that Apple will promote accordingly. Every new thing that it has, every major improvement that it offers, makes Apple's job of convincing people that it's worth it that much easier.

So, as you're watching the keynote, remember this: you will pay $1,000+ for the new iPhone. You just don't want to accept it yet.

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