Over a quarter of Windows 10 systems STILL don't have the Creators Update

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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is set to begin its rollout in a matter of weeks, yet over a quarter (27.5 percent) of Windows 10 users still haven’t received the Creators Update.

According to the latest figures from AdDuplex, while the Creators Update found its way on to another 7.5 percent of computers this month to give it a 72.5 percent share, it’s still well short of the 91.2 percent that the Anniversary Update reached before the Creators Update was released. AdDuplex warns that as a result of slow rollouts like this, fragmentation will only increase in the future.

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According to AdDuplex’s figures, 23.2 percent of Windows 10 users are still running the Anniversary Update (1607), 2.7 percent are running the November Update (1511) and 0.8 percent are still on the original Windows 10 release (1507).

AdDuplex breaks down the Creators Update installs by country, which shows that in the United States, 77.6 percent of Windows 10 users have the latest feature update, compared with 77.1 percent in Canada, 73.9 percent in the UK, 78.7 percent in Germany, 64.4 percent in Russia, and 68.8 in Australia.


A week ago, Microsoft proudly announced that the Creators Update is much more reliable than the Anniversary Update, with a "39 percent total reduction in operating system and driver stability issues" and the number of support calls diminishing "significantly." But as I pointed out at the time, a large portion of that improvement can be attributed to the fact that many Windows 10 users simply don't have it.

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66 Responses to Over a quarter of Windows 10 systems STILL don't have the Creators Update

  1. Ordeith says:

    and 40% of macOS users still aren't running Sierra.

    • Adrian S says:

      Wow, you really have something against Apple.

      • Ordeith says:

        Stating the truth in response to the tone of the "article" leads you to that conclusion? LOL.

      • Adrian S says:

        It is the way you come across on a lot of articles. it is as if Microsoft is perfect and every thing else is not. Well I have news for you, Ms is not perfect by a long way. Maybe you have shares in them and that is why you are worried about people putting it down and why you want to knock google and Apple anytime you can.

        At least I admit I do not like MS.

      • Ordeith says:

        LOL. Project your strawmen much? 🤣

      • Fantasm says:

        As soon as people start putting down all the others except their fave then they lose all credibility....
        Me, I don't like Apple... Tried it but nothing generally against it, just not for me.... don't like the restrictive store...
        Google, too intrusive, but I like Android phones.... and I liked the UYI a bit, but even it's getting too lame and plain....
        Microsoft, liked them up until Windows 8, thought they would have sense enough to make Windows 10 a lot better than a doubled down Windows 8....
        Only thing I've not much experience with is Linux, and quite frankly, I see a need to learn more at this rate....
        I have no preferences... If it works for me, I'll use it.... Don't care enough about any of them to like any one over the others....

      • Mike Lukic says:

        Use Linux, any Linux, learn console commands from a book size of an encyclopedia and you'll have a usable OS.

      • Fantasm says:

        I did a course many years ago. A part of it was using Unix of all things. I didn't like it but that was back then and it was very primitive, like working with DOS.
        I hated that part of the course so much, I hacked the final practical exam to pass.

      • Rock Smith says:

        This is 2017. May be you are still living in past when win 98 was released. Time to wakeup. Linux is powering billions of smartphone without using any line of command and same with desktop bit at very limited scale due to program unavailability. Linux has same problem in desktop as windows has problem with the phone.

      • Mike Lukic says:

        Quite aware of the year and date, thank you. Just please, don't call Android Linux, it may only be a distant cousin of Linux's grandfather. I'm also aware of where parts of Linux kernel are used at but also where specialized versions are installed. But... if you want to talk about desktop versions it's another story.

      • Rock Smith says:

        My comment still stand that you do not need to use command line to use Linux in a desktop environment. You painting a FUD picture of Linux use is still baseless.

      • Mike Lukic says:

        For just basic "Out of the box" usage most distros would do with GUI only but for any serious use, serious knowledge of console is required. If you knew how it works, you'd notice that Linux is still on W95 stage, GUI just glued on basic console system.

      • Adrian S says:

        I like Mac Os do a certain degree, ok so it is a bit different to use and there are some things I do not like. As I have said before on here a friend of mine have a fair few Macs, including the old CRT Imac and she have not had any problems with them, her main problem is the software. like Adobe photoshop. but i suppose when you produce the hardware and the software you can make thing more compatible.
        My problem with Macs are that they are over priced for the hardware and the lack of being able to update them.

        To be fair with Microsoft ( i can not believe I am going to say this) getting Windows to work with so many different types of hardware must be a nightmare and they have done well with that, saying that Linux also work with a lot of hardware and they do not have the resources that Microsoft have.

        My problem with Windows is that MS will do what they want and they will carry on doing it because they think that is what we all l need, let us have a choice of what apps we want installed, give us the choice of getting rid of telemetry, saves people having to use third party software to do it. allow us to disable cortana, not just MS version of disabling it, then we do not have to do thing like renaming folders so cortana will not start up.

        I have Windows 10 set up now to the best I can get it to what I want, including a decent start menu.

        Mobile Os is a different thing, i use Android as it is on the phone I got, I prefer plain android than one that have a load of rubbish on top, which is why I got the Nexus 4 and why it is taking so long for me to find another phone, I do not like IOS that much, I find it is very crowded on the front screen and again I would have to buy Apple's over priced hardware.
        I try not to compare Android and IOS with Windows or Mac Os, because they are for different markets.

        Linux i would love to use as my main OS, but the software is not there, as a second OS on my laptop it is great, I love it, but i am not a fan of laptops.

      • guru_v says:

        I used to love them...they changed, not me.

      • Adrian S says:

        I never really loved them, when I first came to the P.C system, after CBM went belly up and the Amiga was left on the shelf, I thought Windows 95 was good, It still felt strange to do a lot of stuff using a mouse, the Amiga while it had a WIMP system, it was far easier to do things in Amiga dos. Over the years with each revision of windows I began to realise that Windows was not as great as i thought and Ms is just another large corporate company who really do not care about their customers.

  2. MyDisqussion says:

    It's a non-issue unless you can't update to the Fail Creator's Update without installing the Creator's Update first. Still, the update rate is pathetic. Why can't Microsoft just release this to everyone at the same time?

    • Ordeith says:

      >Still, the update rate is pathetic. ?!

      You know of a desktop OS with a better rate?

    • Fantasm says:

      Maybe that 25% went back to Windows 7..... lol

      • Adrian S says:

        If they have any sense, I would love to or at least go back to Windows 8.

      • Ordeith says:

        Wow, you really have something against Windows 10.

      • guru_v says:

        Every sane person should.

      • Ordeith says:

        Around here, only those who regularly demonstrate their insanity are against it. It's practically a prerequisite. 😀

      • Adrian S says:

        Yes, i thought you would have realised that by now.

      • Fantasm says:

        I still prefer Windows 7. At least when my computer boots, I know it will work... same as yesterday, same as the day before... and so on....

      • guru_v says:

        And I know of no one boycotting SSDs, so Windows 7 flies!

      • Adrian S says:

        You have nit the nail on the head there, you know things are not going to change as things are set in stone, just like windows 8, with Windows 10, Ms seems to change things just because they want to, not because it makes the OS better./

      • guru_v says:

        Go man, go! If your copy is legit, nothing but bad judgement to stop you.

      • Adrian S says:

        My version of windows 7 is pro retail, my windows 8 was an update from that and Windows 10 was an update from that, so yes my windows 7 is legit.
        Windows 8 will not run on this machine without coming up with a blue screen of death and memory management error, it was better when i updated the bios, but still crashed now and again.
        TBH, I have not tried Windows 7 on here, but I can see it having the same problem. but it would not take much to give it a go as my system is backed up and takes minutes to put back.

        I do not have much to do today, day off and while i do have to pop into town later, I am having a lazy day :) so I may try it .

    • Adrian S says:

      What is pathetic is the upgrade rate of the original Windows 10, considering that it was almost forced onto people. i still know a load of people who are still using Windows 7, a couple still using Xp and a few using windows 8.

      I do not understand how these people are not updated to the creators versions since windows 10 does auto updates, it must mean a fair people go out of their way to stop it being updated.

    • guru_v says:

      Inability to cope with change quickly...problem since DOS4.0

    • guru_v says:

      ! Fail creator's update! I missed that at first. Good one!

  3. MadMartigan says:

    "But as I pointed out at the time, a large portion of that improvement can be attributed to the fact that many Windows 10 users simply don't have it."

    Ah well, I guess they should push it to those folks so those folks have issues and you can then write about it being pushed to fast.

    AU - Too fast!

    CU - Too slow!

    Like I said last time - You gotta be really tired of hearing these phrases:
    "Nothing is ever good enough for you."
    "I just can win with you."

    • guru_v says:

      I'd love to see progress, instead of change for its own sake, or possibly the stockholders...

      • Fantasm says:

        The problems is that somewhere Microsoft lost the concept of improvement as opposed to change.... Now they think that simply making a change counts as making it better.... and that doesn't always work....

      • guru_v says:


      • MadMartigan says:

        Honestly, though; take Word for example - how much can you add to a document processor in this day and age?

        Progress is great and all, but come on; you write documents in it. We've had all the functionality we need for a decade now.

      • Another_Lurker says:

        You hit the fundamental problem of most software and OSes. There is very little, if any, features you can add that most users will ever have use for. This is characteristic of mature products - marginal features are added mostly as marketing gimmicks that add little or nothing to the basic operation of the product. It does not matter if the product is car, refrigerator, microwave, or software.

      • MadMartigan says:


  4. Gilfoyle says:

    Ummmm who cares? I know people that update their iOS when they get a new iPhone.

  5. David S. C. Karlsson says:

    Well, if they ever bothered to fix deal breaking issues people might consider updating.

  6. TechFan says:

    So 3/4 have it?

  7. Captain555 says:

    I see lots of new PCs built by OEM after March 2017, and still they have the version 1607 in there. I have to upgrade them. Not that it is a big deal, but it is a waste of time for us. People who buy their PCs and choose to prepare it themselves, I'm not sure if they will know or even bother to check that. Wish the OEM get moving a bit faster on that.

    • Fantasm says:

      But that's one of the inherent flaws of constant updates....and a flaw with Microsoft's way of doing it....
      Even brand new stuff out of the store is already behind....
      The OEM's don't care. They will use the version they have in stock. Especially if working from disk(s). The inevitable result is the OEM's stuck with older versions or having to put in the extra effort/cost to keep them up to date and it's probably not worth it to them....

      • Captain555 says:

        And you would expect a new PCs to get offered the newer version right away. I don't know how long it will take before the latest version get offered in update. I don't wait, I force to upgrade, but it's bizarre.

        Plus the fact that it is a version installed over another one. Not a clean install.

      • Fantasm says:

        "Plus the fact that it is a version installed over another one. Not a clean install."
        I really don't understand this.... I suppose it's because of what we are used to, but I always did a fresh install on a formatted hard drive. Was always the best way to do it as far as I was concerned.

      • Captain555 says:

        Yes, it is. But then sometimes you end up losing time chasing drivers. While getting rid of the bloatware might seems like a good idea, it's not for certain things. Like the recovery partition including the software so the customer can create a recovery media. If that's not there, some customers will freak out. With W10, not only does it update Windows but it also update the recovery partition. Doesn't work if you do a clean install.

        It's one of those, damn if you do, damn if you don't.

  8. Fantasm says:

    So much for the mantra of having everyone on the same version makes it easier for support....

    • Gilfoyle says:

      As long as the point release they are on is supported then it is not a problem.

      Those still on the AU update are supported until "Tentatively March 2018" according to Microsoft's support page. It could be longer.

      • guru_v says:

        It's all Bandini anyway. MS is never good with updates, and they are on an accelerated schedule for screwing up. They never could handle the pace before so they sped it up...like the military, the stupidity is thick enough to dull the sharpest knife.

      • guru_v says:

        I find it hilarious that Microsoft, and its professional programming staff can never get updates right, but AMATEUR programmers who work on various 'nixes essentially nail it most every time. Perhaps some cross-training should occur....soon.

  9. Future Bardock says:

    Falls creators update will introduce clipboardlogger. Everything you copied to clipboard will be go to cloud servers.

  10. guru_v says:

    Why ask why? It's a case of same crap, different quarter. When Microsoft begins to learn how to deliver software people want, it will be different.

  11. James Kelly says:

    Don't worry about this Wayne, we have a large number of Luddites out there who don't mind their systems being out of date and open to all sorts of nasty's. Many of them frequent this website.

    This is why we need automatic (forced) updates, in order to keep people safe from themselves.

    • Fantasm says:

      You do know that Luddites were workers in a cotton mill who destroyed machinery they feared would eventually take their jobs. In the long run, they were correct as machinery did take their jobs.

    • Haydn Renshaw says:

      Older Windows OS' have a much smaller attack surface if patched. In a sense, I'm a Luddite running Windows CE 8, but I disable forced updates to keep me safe from Microsoft; Windows users have different needs that need to be taken into account.

  12. Fantasm says:

    My tablet has the Creators update.
    But only because I wiped it and installed it from an ISO.
    Otherwise every day it tried to do the update. Then failed. Then tried again the next time. and failed... and rinse and repeat....

  13. My NuVision TM800W610L 8 inch Windows Tablet finally received the Creators Update. I had deliberately left the tablet on all day this week to see if Microsoft would see it and push the Creators Update to it.

  14. eric299 says:

    I bought my Windows 10 machine a year ago. I figured out how to kill Windows Update and turn off all the privacy-invading stuff. It does what I need it to now and that's the end of it.

    I think Windows Update serves Microsoft more than it does users. I stopped using it in 2013 and I haven't been hacked yet. And my machines are far more stable than they were when patches were being pushed all the time.

    I have two XP machines. One has all the updates. The other got messed up and had to be restored to factory settings. Without all those layers of updates it boots up about as fast as my Windows 8 laptop. I think they push out a lot of fluffy updates to make you think your machine is running slow because it is old. That way you'll think about buying another one.

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