Privacy lives! Purism Librem 5 Linux smartphone exceeds crowdfunding goal


As companies continue to violate our privacy, such as Microsoft with the latest version of Skype for iOS and Android, we slowly become desensitized to it. In other words, as time marches on, people slowly become more and more accepting of being spied on. This is tragic, as our private information has value, and many will simply turn it over in exchange for a free service or other nonsense.

Purism is a company that is fighting for your rights -- regardless of whether or not you appreciate it. The company maintains the privacy-focused Pure OS Linux distribution, plus it manufactures very secure laptops with radio, webcam, and microphone hardware kill-switches. Purism also wants to produce a secure Linux-based smartphone, called Librem 5. Unfortunately, the company needed $1.5 million to get started. Well, folks, I am elated to say that earlier today, Purism met and exceeded that goal! In other words, it looks like the Librem 5 will become a reality.

"Purism plans to use the remaining two weeks of the campaign to push for its stretch goals and start working on the next steps for bringing the phone to market. Reaching the $1.5 million milestone weeks ahead of schedule enables Purism to accelerate the production of the physical product. The company plans to move into hardware production as soon as possible to assemble a developer kit as well as initiate building the base software platform, which will be publicly available and open to the developer community," says Purism.

Todd Weaver, Founder and CEO, Purism explains, "We are thrilled that the community has supported us in making this goal a reality, and now comes the real work of bringing the Librem 5 to production and into the hands of our backers. We believe we've demonstrated a growing interest in technologies that proactively protect and secure our digital identities, and are proud to be a part of catalyzing this movement."


Keep in mind, just because the company met its goal does not mean the campaign is over -- there are still 13 more days to go. You can still donate money now to help make sure the project is a success. Not to mention, if you want to be one of the first to get the Librem 5, you will need to become a backer. For just $599, you can reserve yours here now. Not only are you helping build a smartphone, but you are supporting the Linux community too. Most importantly, you are sending a message that your privacy is sacred and you are tired of being violated.

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